Thursday, July 31, 2008

Phil Jackson is NOT in Red Auerbach's League

Red said it best about Jackson.
Jackson never built a team on his own.
That is what we call a "cherry picker".
Call Jackson an intelligent opportunist before a great coach. Doug Collins had raised the baby Bulls built by Krausse, yet the team was missing a piece. That piece was Scottie Pippen. Sitting on the bench and watching MJ toss 40 shots a game with the "Jordan Rules" protecting the team, most coaches would have had, at the very least, the successes they enjoyed. The Laker job eerily falls into place much like the Bulls job. The Logo had built a very good team (again), then stole Bryant for garbage. Dell Harris groomed the young team that was missing a few pieces. The huge piece was Shaq, followed by vet fillers like Harper, Horry, Fox, and other lesser pieces. Again, most coaches would have won championships with those line ups. Jacksons coaching ability comes from Tex Winter running the team as Phil massages egos...including his own.

Red? He built the NBA practically on his own. He is the NBA's Branch Rickey, having done so in a very bigoted New England, by drafting Chuck Cooper in 1950. Red was an innovator who built Boston from the ground up. The franchise still runs by his taught principles today with Danny Ainge, one of Red's "gets" back in the heyday. Red got a lot of "gets". Somehow, he got Bill Russell. He used the NBA rules to draft Larry Bird while he was still in college. He got Ainge out of a failed baseball career. He got Dennis Johnson for nothing from Seattle. He got Robert Parrish and a draft pick that turned out to be Kevin McHale for nothing from Golden State. The list goes on and on. If Len Bias wasn't murdered, Boston would have ruled the NBA another decade and we never would talk about the Bulls or Pistons. They would fall next to Dominique's Hawks teams, and Moncriefs Bucks teams.

Jackson? He's done nothing. He has GM's build his teams that were groomed by knowledgeable coaches, then let Tex coach the team the triangle offense. Tex prefers anonymity, so we have the media mislead us into reading Jackson is some Zen master when all he really ever has been is a detached baby sitter of monsters created for him.

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