Thursday, January 29, 2009


We are always witnessing great feats on the gridiron each week in every passing NFL season. Some players are ingrained into our memories with more prevalence than others. Some get there through publicity. Some get there through an unknown kinship. There are several reasons for liking the players we seem to like a bit more than others. Some of the players we like may even get a all into the Hall Of Fame.

Here is a list of some current great players on NFL teams (I lifted off the antiquated rosters on FOX) whom I feel will get some Hall Of Fame debate upon their retirement.

*Note : I left MANY young guys off just due to the unknown.


Ben Roethlisberger : Too early to call, but he has already made 2 Super Bowls. At his current pace, he may even make it to the heights of Terry Bradshaw as far as all time franchise greats.

Hines Ward : Hines certainly is a Steeler Legend. A complete player. Just not a Canton worthy player.

Troy Palamalu : He still has a ways to go, but he could be the best Steelers Safety ever when done. That says something considering Donnie Shell and Jack Butler roamed the Steelers secondary. If I were to predict, I'd say no. There are too many greats, like Johnny Robinson, still waiting on their call.


Kurt Warner : He has had a few great years. 3 Super Bowls (so far) as well. Still, with his late start and many mediocre years in the mix, I can't see it. I know his has nice numbers as far as QB rating, but that list is topped by QB's enjoying the 5 yard chuck rule and rule changes making it easier to be an NFL QB.

Edgerrin James : Though the numbers are excellent, he was never a dominant RB who had 11 guys keying on him every down. Can't see it.

Larry Fitzgerald : Yeah, it is way too early to predict if he will stay healthy and productive. Still, with his size and leaping ability, he has a good shot at his current pace. It helps he has today's rules, but his abilities could translate into the old rules too.


Ray Lewis : He already has his bust made. The waiting period is semantics. Possibly a first ballot guy. At least he is in my book.

Ed Reed : The guy makes big plays. He isn't a tackling machine, but he always seems to be around the ball. His being on a great D helps him, and he might make it in if he keeps scoring touchdowns the next few years. Though there are other excellent Safeties still not in Canton, Ed might get in.

Derrick Mason : This self made man was an excellent return specialist before he was an excellent receiver. Still, he reminds me of guys like Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Troy Brown, Rick Upchurch, and more. I can't see him going in. "White Shoes" and Troy Brown would go in ahead of him if I were voting.

Haloti Ngata : I like this guy, though it will take a very long time before we know if he is worthy. A rare specimen who can take on 3 blockers at NT or cover a TE against the pass. A long shot, mainly because voters now are so fixated on sack totals.


Terrell Owens : Say what you want about his personality on and off the field, the raw numbers are too great to ignore. It might take him a long wait, but he will get in. It just will be when voters put away personal reasons, and that may take a decade.

Jason Witten : The numbers are very good for him, and he isn't a poor blocker. I can't see how he won't get inducted if he keeps up his current pace for at least 6 more years.

DeMarcus Ware : He is a 1 trick pony. Rush the passer and that is it. He isn't solid versus the run, and lesser than that versus the pass. I can't see him going in, unless he breaks the bogus sack record (Deacon Jones is the real sack king). Think Derrick Thomas when it comes to Ware...minus the run support.

Zach Thomas : A nice guy who will get a few votes due to his personality. If guys like Randy Gradishar aren't in, then how could he get in? No way is what I say.


Champ Bailey : I think this guy is worthy, even if his numbers aren't spectacular. I equate him to Mike Haynes. A guy who never was tested much because he was so solid. Still, there are many great CB's not inducted yet.

Jay Cutler : I know the kid has at least a decade to go for us to even talk about him seriously. Still, one has to be impressed by his start thus far.

Brandon Marshall : Just like Cutler, it will take a decade to decide. Still, with the way the game is geared to passing, he could end up rewriting Broncos record books and having a chance.


Jason Elam : The guy has numbers that are truly amazing. He has benefited from kicking in the thin air of Denver, and now the dome in Atlanta. Still, it is feasible to see him inducted some day. Assuming the voters start recognizing special teams. So far they have not, and only Jan Stenarud is in Canton.


Donovan McNabb : He may be the greatest QB in Eagles history. He certainly is all over their record books, and is a proven winner. The ridiculous knock of no rings might work against him, but he is not close to retiring in my opinion. Of all the QB's in the NFL right now, he is there with Favre, Brady, and Peyton Manning as guys I think deserve entry.

Tre` Thomas : Very under rated by those who don't really follow the trenches. Solid in all aspects. He'll get in the Eagles Ring Of Honor, just not in Canton. Too many superior guys still await the call.

Brian Westbrook : He has good numbers, and is tougher than nails. Still, I cannot see him going in. He isn't in the franchises all time backfield in my opinion.

Brian Dawkins : Just like Tre` Thomas, Dawkins will go in the Eagles Ring Of Honor, but I can't put him in Canton with that long line of superior Safeties ahead of him still awaiting the call.


Ladanlian Tomlinson : LT, to me, is Lawrence Taylor. Still, this LT has a legitimate chance of going in. He needs to rebound and have 2 more good years to make it, in my opinion, but the numbers he has put up so far has him in the discussion.

Phillip Rivers : The guy gets a bad rep, but he is tough and a leader. The Chargers got the better QB in the draft day trade in my opinion. If he can get the Bolts a ring or 2, he might be in the discussion.

Antonio Gates : He has been battling injuries the last 2 years, so it isn't looking good. Sill, when he is right, he is tip notch. If he can stay healthy, he might challenge Kellen Winslow Sr. for the franchise records for TE's. If he does, he may have a shot.

Shawn Merriman : He will be coming back from a significant injury, but if he gain regain his form : lights out for NFL QB's! The guy is solid against the run and pass rush. If he is in the right system, and stays healthy, then he might have a chance.

Jamal Williams : Multiple All Pros. Solid as a brick wall versus the run. Probably the best NT in the NFL the last several years. Curley Culp is the greatest NT in NFL history and is still not inducted, so I can't see Jamal getting in.


Andre Johnson : This guy is easily the best player in Houston Texans history thus far. If he can stay healthy, his blend of size, strength, and speed will have him with gaudy numbers that could get him inducted.

Mario Williams : Charley Casserly was 100% right in picking Mario over Reggie Bush and Vince Young (how is he not an NFL GM right now?). Mario has a long way to go, but he is certainly a force already.


Adrian Peterson : AP is on his way. Let us see if he can get about 10,000 more rushing yards before he can be in the discussion.

Darren Sharper : The man certainly has had a great career. He will probably go into the Packers Hall Of Fame, but not into Canton.

Jared Allen : Big money yes, but the guy is a sack artist. Playing on turf next to the Williams' will help him too. If he can keep producing for at least a decade more, who knows?

Steve Hutchinson : The guy is a great blocker. He may be the best blocker in the NFL right now. If he keeps it going a few more years, he will get votes.

Antoine Winfield : A very solid CB. He won't get the love he deserves come his time, but his career is worth noting.

Kevin Williams : He is solid, but if Jim Marshall isn't in...he won't be probably. I know = bad logic. Jim deserves entry.


Joey Porter : I think he might get A vote, bit not induction ever.


Tony Gonzalez : He is already in. The only thing awaiting him is the ceremony.

Brian Waters : The guy is very under rated, but he isn't even one of the best Chief Guards ever. Can't see it.


T.J. Houshmanzadeh : He got going later in his career, so it is highly doubtful.

Carson Palmer : IF he can stay healthy and get the Bengals a trophy, he might get some votes. Highly unlikely.


Derrick Brooks : I think he has the credits to get in, yet I look at Chris Hanburger and Robert Brazile (superior OLB's) still waiting and can't see Derrick in ahead of them. Yet, Andre Tippett did, despite not being as good as those 2.

Ronde Barber : I do not see it, even though he might be the best Buc CB ever.

Warrick Dunn : A CLASSY man, with fantastic stats. Still, Canton is not always a popularity contest. Warrick doesn't make it in my mind.

Joey Galloway : He had the talent to be one of the best, but he rarely stayed healthy for long stretches. No way.


Drew Brees : If Drew has about 4-5 more years akin to this past season, he should get notice. Winning a ring as well makes him almost a shoo in. Anything is possible.

Jeremy Shockey : He was a media darling, and it helped him get a bit more love than he deserved. I don't see him ever getting inducted into anything, except maybe at the U.

Aaron Glenn : The man had a very solid career. A great time with the Jets, but not worthy.

Mark Brunell : The best QB in Jaguars history so far. No way does he go in though.


Steve Smith : He is amazing. His being a dual threat in special teams and offense will help his case. If he can keep on his current level for a few more years, I can see him getting quite a few votes one day.

Julius Peppers : The guy seemed on his way until he lulled for a few seasons. He got back into the groove last year, but now wants out of Carolina. If he doesn't maintain the pace he was on, it will be tough to see him get votes. Yet, all you have to do is see Fred Dean and realize anything can happen at the DE position. I can think of 7-10 DE's better than Dean still not inducted.


Peyton Manning : I have often said Archie was better. Switch them. Put Archie in these modern rules, and put Peyton on the 'Aints. Ain't happening. Peyton is going in. Believe that!

Marvin Harrison : I think there are better WR's still waiting on the call, but Marvin was special. His time is almost up, so enjoy him while you can. I think he will ride Peytons coat tails in.

Reggie Wayne : He is now the Colts go to guy, but he needs to be that for many more years before you can discuss him. He is like the Jimmy Orr to Raymond Barry during the Unitas era.

Adam Vinatieri : The media loves him, and he is part of historical lore. It would be a shame if Morten and Gary Anderson don't get in ahead of Adam (or Elam), but it may happen. The NFL disrespects specialists in the Canton process.

Jeff Saturday : Solid, but I can't see it.


Albert Haynesworth : Albert would need to have at least 6 more years comparable to this last year for him to even get a thought. Tough sledding, but we will see.

Kevin Mawae : He should get votes. VERY under rated, but he reminds me of Kevin Glover. A great Center time will forget because the voters pay little attention to the trenches.


Torry Holt : Torry will get some votes, but there are many better WR's still waiting to get in.

Orlando Pace : He seemed a shoo-in a few years ago. Then he broke down, and hasn't recovered since. If he doesn't get back to form for 2-3 more years, I can't see him having a chance.

La'Roi Glover : A high motor guy, and pretty under rated. Think John Randle. I'd put John in ahead of him, and I don't see that happening.

Dante Hall : He had a few great years, but I can think of "White Shoes" Johnson, Mel Gray, Eric Metcalf, and Rick Upchurch as better than Dante. I'd only let "White Shoes" in out of that group.


Fred Taylor : This man got little respect most of his career. He only went to one Pro Bowl, but his numbers are in rare company as far as NFL history goes. He won't get in, but he was great!


Jamal Lewis : Jamal had one great year, and especially one game in particular. He has amazing longevity for the style of running he does, but I can't see him in.

Willie McGinest : Willie had a very good career. He made the Pro Bowl at DE and OLB. He won't get in, but he had a career worth remembering.


Tom Brady : A lock. All of his rings has him in, as well as his storied career and feats on the gridiron.

Randy Moss : Going to New England has put him back on track for induction. He has a chance of shattering many records before he retires.

Mike Vrabel : A very valuable Patriot, but not Canton material.

Rodney Harrison : Too many better Safeties await the call to consider him.

Tedy Bruschi : A great story, coming back from a stroke, but not worthy of Canton.

Junior Seau : He will be inducted, even if there are several OLB's as good as him still waiting.

Adalius Thomas : His leaving Baltimore probably derailed his chances. He is a versatile athlete, but not going to be inducted.


Eli Manning : I can't see it, but the man is young AND (key part) playing in New York City (well..New Jersey). If he can get a few more rings, who knows?

Jeff Feagles : He won't get in, but I mention him only because he holds the NFL record for most games played. A very good Punter, but was never the best. Ray Guy needs to get in for others to even have a shot.

Osi Umenyiora : He has a big hill to climb. Not only to recover from injury, but he is the guy "replacing" Strahan as the leader. I doubt he will, but he has the talent to. Stay tuned.


Nnamdi Asomugha : No one throws at him. He is the Raiders modern version of Mike Haynes. It is a long shot, but the guy is a lock down type and not bad against the run.


Brett Favre : A lock, even with his averaging over 27 turnovers a year for his career. A media favorite.

Alan Faneca : An excellent player, but there are far too many superior Guards in NFL history awaiting the call.

Ty Law : The man was stellar. I just can't see him ever getting in.


Chris Samuels : He needs to stay healthy, and productive, for at least 7 more years before one can say he is worth mentioning.

Clinton Portis : Clinton is winding down, and he had a nice career. Just not Canton worthy.

Shaun Alexander : He had a few incredible years, but I wouldn't vote for him.

Chris Cooley : He is certainly on pace to shatter Jerry Smith's (a CCC profilee) team records. He is still very young, so the sky is the limit. I think the man is a winner and has what it takes.

London Fletcher : He is a tackling machine, but I can't see him getting in.


Isaac Bruce : One of the best WR's in Rams history. He should get votes, but I'd put Henry Ellard in ahead of him. That ain't gonna happen either.


Brian Urlacher : The 4th best MLB in Bears history will get votes. Playing in Chicago helps. I think he has a shot, but he needs to be as excellent as he has been for at least 5 more years to deserve entry.

Olin Kreutz : A prennial All Pro, but I can't see him getting in for a few reasons. The main one is that there are many better Centers not yet enshrined.

(Teams Not Mentioned Were Because I Saw None Yet Worth Mentioning)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sports Begats Sports

It is kind of wild how a sport can spawn and give birth to other sports. Basketball was originally played in ancient Mexico, but you used your feet and had to kick a smaller ball into a tiny hoop. The captain of the losing team got beheaded for his efforts. Golf spawned minitature golf, and ping pong looks related to tennis.

What's next?

Competetive eating has become a sport, according to ESPN.

We know what's next:

Competitive pooping

He MUST be talking to Drew Rosenhaus about a NIKE deal

ESPN also likes to call Poker a sport.

We know what is on the horizon:

Professional Old Maid

I always thought Arm-Wrestling was cool

BUT, it could spawn into something more.

How about Thumb-Wrestling?

Curling is, in my opinion, peculiar. But it is very popular.

Naturally, it has possibilities in morphing into other sports:

Iceless Curling

Do YOU have any other ideas?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Champs and Chumps

Another Old TSN Post From 12/ 2007:

It was an interesting season, to say the least, this year.
Some of it went as expected, some of it didn't.


QB: Tom Brady - All he seemed to do was get 60 points a game.
RB: LaDanlian Tomlinson - Even a Norv and a slow start can't stop him.
RB: Adrian Peterson - The rookie had Chester Taylor owners frustrated.
WR: Randy Moss - Mostly due to him scoring two TD's per game seemingly.
WR: Terrell Owens - Had maybe his best season ever all around.
TE: Chris Cooley - Redskins high scoring TE was consistent.
K: Rod Baronas - kicked like NINE FG's in one game, or something nuts.
DT: Pittsburgh - #1 in YPG, Passing, Scoring. #2 in Rushing = W-O-W!

2nd Team

QB: Brett Farve - Like the Energizer Rabbit = Still going.
RB: Brian Westbrook - the Eagles only Star on offense.
RB: Joseph Addai - A TD a game makes memories of Edge go away.
WR: Reggie Wayne - Picked up the slack when Marvin went down.
WR: Braylon Edwards - Quietly became the third highest scoring WR.
TE: Antonio Gates - Steady and spectacular.
K: Mason Crosby - All the rookie is doing is leading the NFL in scoring.
DT: Tampa Bay - 2nd in scoring, #4 in YPG and Passing.


QB: Steve McNair - Put Air McNair permanently in the hanger. He's done.
RB: Clinton Portis - Gets about 3 YPC. He's about done.
RB: Reggie Bush - Future Hall of Famer looking like a Future bench warmer.
WR: Deon Branch - Big contract, small stats
WR: Lee Evans - Miserable season. Maybe a third option now.
TE: Randy McMichael - One of the top free agent busts this season at TE.
K: Orlindo Mare - missed a lot of kicks. May be done.
DT: Miami - Good pass defense because all everyone did was run wild weekly.


QB: Donovan McNabb - Started injured and stayed that way all season.
RB: Stephen Jackson - Injuries derailed his season.
RB: Thomas Jones - Was a ghost most of the season.
WR: Santana Moss - Dropped almost as many as he caught,
WR: Steve Smith - No QB = No balls thrown his way.
TE: Todd Heap - Injuries destroyed his season.
K: Neil Rackers - Once was Mr. Automatic, now lowest PCT. Kicker in the NFL.
DT: New Orleans - Just plain bad in every facet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why the Bengals bungle

Another Old TSN Post from 12/ 2007:

Three years are passing by very soon in Cincinnati. Three years of expectation. Three years of teased disappointment. Embarrassment could be the theme of the Marvin Lewis era. Maybe the only positive thing the Bengals did this season was lose to the 49ers, who played with their 3rd string QB, to make it almost impossible now for the Patriots to get their hooks on Darren McFadden.

Why do the Bengals lose so much, especially in crunch time? You could point to bad luck when they draft two RB's, only to lose both to injury. Call it the Ki-Jana Carter Curse. Their stud RB, Rudi Johnson, finally broke down too this year. Their offensive line is getting older after it took years to rebuild. They have no TE worth mentioning since Dan Ross.

Yet, they have Carson Palmer at QB. The former Heisman winner has shown grit and above average skills throughout his career thus far. He gets to toss the ball to one of the better WR trios in the NFL. Kenny Watson even picked up the slack at RB. They rank 7th in yards gained. Each of the three years they have been unstoppable, for the most part, when it comes to gaining yards. Their problem is that they settle for too many FG's, even with an excellent kicker in Graham, and they fade when the spotlights are at their brightest. Inconsistent may be the best way to describe this unit.

The main problem is the defense, or lack there of. The run defense is amongst the worst in the NFL year after year. Cornerback play has been under rated, even through it's inconsistencies. The safeties can't stay healthy, nor can the linebackers. The list of linebackers to come through Cincinnati is impressive, yet they all end up on IR. They looked smart for taking Brooks in the supplemental draft, yet he hasn't been healthy since arriving. The defensive line is basically the main issue. Justin Smith hasn't produced consistently and Geathers is a pass rushing specialist forced to play every down. There hasn't been a DT worth mentioning since Tim Krumrie. Notice the DT and TE I mentioned are from the early 80's. Shameful.

Character is certainly an issue. Odell Thurman was an above average MLB who decided to ruin his career through poor choices,. Chris Henry has lost too many games due to his poor decisions, which hurt the passing game. This list of players breaking laws is long and deep, as well as known.

What can the Bengals do to win? Marvin Lewis is not the answer. This defensive guru hasn't translated in Cincinnati. Much alike his former boss, Brian Billichek, having a label as an offensive guru even though his teams are perennially amongst the worst in offense at Baltimore. They need a tougher coach to get things together. Russ Grimm would be the perfect choice.

They really could use DL Chris Long from Virginia, but there is a very good chance he will be gone before the Bengals pick. The Jets most likely will take him. That leaves under sized DT Sedrick Ellis of USC. He has a high motor and is a classic 3 technique type. If Miami DE Calais Campbell comes out, he may be the better pick at 6 '8' 280. Penn State LB Dan Conner is a tough tackling machine that may get a long look too by Bengals brass. They need to maintain the focus of the defensive front seven throughout most of the draft. If a promising offensive lineman comes along, they must scoop him up. The tackles are aging and depth is lacking.

Bengal fans do not want to hear the word REBUILD yet. This word has loomed over the Queen City since Boomer Esiason left town. They know there is a lot of talent, especially on offense, on this team. All that is needed is toughness, camaraderie, and desire. That, unfortunately, may be too tall an order.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ANOTHER reason the Pats stand alone in all sports

Another old TSN post from 2007:

Scott Pioli deserves the biggest salary of any front office worker in all of sports for the magical web he has weaved in New England
Just look at the roster. Junior Seau in his 18TH year. Chad Brown is in his 15TH. Two former Pro Bowlers who were dominant at their positions long ago.
Troy Brown and Rodney Harrison are in their 14TH season. Troy doesn't play anymore, but Rodney starts. As does 13 year TE Kyle Brady, and 12 year MLB Teddy Bruschi. Larry Izzo still stars on special teams in his 12TH season, and Mike Vrabel continues to show his versatility in his 11TH. Chad Scott sits on IR for his 11TH year after years of contribution. Randy Moss is in his 10TH as other important Pats hit 10 next year like Roosevelt Colvin, Kevin Faulk. Tom Brady, Adalius Thomas and Sammy Morris are at 8 now.
Sound old? Then look at the rest of the roster! There are a lot of young guys. Young guys learning from the finest pro's in the game.
The young guys who get cut go on to play for other teams.
So, it looks bright in New England, right?
Well, it's going to get even brighter next season!
Do you realize the Patriots own the 49ers 1st round draft pick? The 3-10 49ers?
If the draft were held today, the Patriots would get the 2ND pick!
The Dolphins will most likely draft LSU's Glenn Dorsey, though they need help almost everywhere. So, who does that leave the Pat's to draft?
How about a two time 1st runner up in the Heisman?
Arkansas RB Darren McFadden! Along with Maroney, Faulk, Morris!
Behind the best offensive line in the NFL.
Behind one of the best QB's in the NFL.
With most likely the best receiver corps in the NFL.
A receiver corps so good that free agent pick up Kelly Washington hasn't even run a pass route in a game this season. Neither has the top draft pick in last years draft, Chad Jackson. Troy Brown, one of the greatest Patriots of all time, hasn't either! OLB Mike Vrabel has 2 receptions. Even Guard Logan Mankins has a reception! An amazing 14 Patriots have a reception. Does Brady have time and room for 3 more? Will Billichek even allow them on the field?
Just another astounding part of the Patriots.
The defensive line is so deep, they never missed All Pro Richard Seymour.
The Linebackers rotate to keep fresh and are as deep.
The secondary is doing so well that this years top draft pick, Brandon Merriweather, is getting to learn the right way.

Detractors say the Patriots cheat. The fact is that every team cheats. George Allen used to hire private security for Redskin Park in the 70's to run off Cowboy spies during training camps. Allen claimed to even catch a few in the act. This has been going on since the inception of pro football and is akin to a guy stealing a catchers signs while standing at 2nd base, or the guys in scoreboards with binoculars. The only reason we heard about it is because Mangina snitched because Bill hurt his feelings by not shaking his hand the previous year after a Jets upset win.

The real fact is that the Patriots have built a monster. Sturdier than Frankenstein. Scarier too. This monsters not afraid of fire either.
Next year, more parts get added on in an upgrade to keep things as is.
This monster is a dynasty that equals, and possibly even surpasses, the Steelers on the list of All Time Dynasties. The free agency factor was no issue in the 70's, so it is up to you to determine if that is a plus or minus.

One thing is for certain. As long as the lone weakness isn't exploited (Brady's health), this team is a Super Bowl contender for the rest of the decade.
At the least!

Monday, January 12, 2009

PLENTY of room in MLB's Taint

This is a very old TSN post in 2007 that no one read, because it was one of my first and no one knew I was there.

Boston Red Sox part-owner George Mitchell released a pre-approved list of names today under the guise of abhorred shock. Focus on the names my fellow sheep. Don't read between the lines. Please?
It will only hurt you. Your childhood won't seem as beautiful if you do. It's contagious!
Why am I joking the predictability of MLB? Well, why lose hair or sleep wondering why a sport that plays with a bat and balls has none. Literally.

If you don't believe that ALL of MLB is part of the abuse, then you must believe we are still searching for WMD's in Iraq and not allowing Halliburton to corner the market on oil and technology. That means you are content with the lip service and few obvious names on the roll call. How could ANYONE be surprised about Roger Clemens? Most fastballers throw junk after hurting their arms. Clemens hurt his twice and increased his velocity. That is one old red flag. Mitchell can claim Roger wasn't part of the BoSox then, so why bring his team in on it? If he did, it would further tarnish their recent trophies and rekindle their place in baseball lore of many decades without winning it all. Especially legitimately. Mitchell doesn't want that! Do you see any Red Sox on the list other than one scrub who had a cup of coffee once with them?

It was part of the deal cut to keep the truth from coming out.

Let us review the influx of HGH and all of the other performance enhancing drugs. At the time, baseball was at an all time low in popularity. They were coming off their second strike in a decade, and even blew off the World Series. Many fans claimed they would never return. Owners were nervous, because the fans were making good on their promise with most teams drawing less each game.
Something, they reasoned, had to be done. It was a simple solution. They had lowered the mound to increase offense years before. More could be done.

The first thing that got juiced was the balls themselves. MLB gave a waning, half hearted explanation that made no sense. Tests showed the new balls had up to 15 times more bounce in them than the old balls. It was a start. Next was to ensure the players were strong enough to get the balls over the newly lowered and drawn in fences to the novice fans they were now targeting.

Home runs! That was the answer!

Suddenly, with the juiced players hitting juiced balls, records were being destroyed. Records once earned by natural talent versus natural talent. Now that equation was moot, because who knew who was on what...and more importantly = WHO CARED? Not the novice fans now filling the parks with their kids, their mates and others. Luxury boxes got built fast so one could remove himself from the crowd and watch the game on TV at the top of the stadium for a lot extra. A waiter would get tossed in to attract the cash.

You had slap hitters like Brady Anderson smashing 50 homers from the lead off spot. You had salami bat journeymen, like Kevin Elster, hitting over 40. Everyone was hitting it over the wall. The Wizard of Oz even hit a few after years of hitting hardly any. Washouts like Sammy Sosa bashed over 60. More novice fans came to fill the parks because it looked so easy to hit a dinger, that they could now live vicariously through MLB.

The owners probably pat themselves on the back for this time they may refer to as : THE GLORY YEAR$ (yes, that dollar sign was put there on purpose).

Suddenly, you could pay a left handed junk baller $8 million a year to pitch to one batter a game for 60 games in a 162 game season. You could give A-Rod a quarter of a BILLION! Twice! Yes, times were good.

All owners are as guilty as the players who did the drugs. MLB is the dealer.
They condoned the use, curried to the whims and cashed in on the games degeneration. This includes the President of the USA, George Bush, who owned the Rangers in this era. The Rangers might have had the most famous roster of users too, with Palmiero, Canseco, Elster, Gonzales, and more. To remember Bush promising to rid the game of drugs is hilarious because he is a former drug addict who enabled his roster to use in hopes of wins. The guy makes Tricky Dick look like Gandhi.

There's talk of asterisks now. Many of the media on the MLB payroll (which is 99.9%) will soon say it can't be done so they can continue getting free access to the players and parks. To leave it as is and that history will be remembered. That is a crock, because people today generally don't like to read as much as they used to. Imagine down the road. It won't be better. Most will not know Mark McGuire cheated his entire career. Think of the movie IDIOCRACY. That is the most likely scenario.

Long ago I came up with a solution. It was aimed at Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Gaylord Perry. Gaylord would've had the honor of being in both. The Hall of Fame, and my idea. The Cheaters Hall of Fame wing. You have the ceremony. When they return for other ceremonies in the future, you have them sit with the crowd. This wing now grows with Bonds, Palmiero, McGwire, Gonzales, Clemens, Sosa and many more to come. It would be a popular side show and lesson to those visiting on what cheating gets you. Even if it was allowed

Thursday, January 8, 2009


DeMarcus Ware possibly spent more time than any other defender in the NFL invading opposing teams backfields in 2008. He had a stellar season in the one area of pass rushing, which is primarily his only duty assigned by the team. Though Ware is inconsistent against the run, and would have a hard time covering a offensive tackle going out on a pass route, he still ended up being second in voting for the 2008 NFL Defensive Player Of The Year. One would think that is the end of this story, but it is just the beginning.

You see, Ware spent his time the past few weeks politicking for the award. Instead of focusing on the fact his team came up short, he focused on himself alone. A familiar theme in the Cowboys camp in 2008. Some may call it "The TO Syndrome", but this diva type of behavior is more prevalent in todays sports world than ever before. It comes off as more than self promotion, ignorance and insecurity in hopes of more cash for their pockets. The timing of Ware's grandstanding happens to fall in line with the fact he is negotiating for more money over a longer period of time. His actions are planned, and he is playing the teams simpleton owner like a fiddle on their way to the vault.

After seeing Brett Favre cash in an over rated career with the help of his media friends, Ware is now going this easy route. He is telling his media buddies that he plans on winning the 2009 Defensive Player Of The Year Award, which should add more zeros to the contract he gets from Jerry Jones. Of course Jerry has no other option but to give this guy all the cash Ware desires, because there are 31 other teams in the NFL who would get in line with blank checks in their hands. The main culprit is the media, which has become more of a P.R. department than journalistic environment. Many of them feel is necessary to suck up to and coddle the modern day athlete in order to get more inane quotes to justify their paycheck to their employers. It is lazy work that falls in line with the paparazzi that sucks on the teat of the Hollywood scene.

The hope that guys like Ware put the teams goals ahead of their own seems more folly than reality. Todays athlete is more concerned with his wallet than the love for the game. The store bought ring means more to them than the one earned through winning a championship. But, in these dire economic times in our nation, can one really blame them too much? Philadelphia Eagles Hall Of Fame Running Back Steve Van Buren once said, "Money never meant anything to me when it came to playing football. I was stupid. That's why." So, get ready for more actions like Ware from more players on every team in all professional sports. Ware also benefits from the fact that the NFL did not recognize sacks as a statistic until 1982, so his 20 sacks almost ended up breaking the recognized record. Yet this is a tainted record, because the NFL does acknowledge players like Deacon Jones, Coy Bacon, Norm Willey, and many more, had seasons where their sack totals easily surpassed the recognized record of 22.5 by Michael Strahan. All you have to do is look at this years finalists for the NFL Hall Of Fame to see how inferior players are on the cusp of induction while old timers fade into the dust of forgotten memory. One reason I created Crazy Canton Cuts. Though todays players like DeMarcus Ware most likely have no idea who paved the road they now travel in luxury, there will always be some fantastical hope that guys like him adopt more of the old school values rather than continue to wallow in their pitiful attempts of self grandeur.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can A Cheese Steak Be A Baked Bean?

There is something wonderful going on in our Keystone State right now.

You see, Pennsylvania is nearing a pinnacle of sports excellence than has a chance to being akin to the recent dominance enjoyed in Massachusetts.

We all witnessed the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox win championships this decade, as well as Boston College get to 4 NCAA Men's Hockey Championships in the past 8 years and winning two. I could be missing more, but oh well!

Pennsylvania had a nice run in the 1970's, when the Steelers and Flyers dominated their respective sports with multiple championships. The Pirates won 2 World Series and the 76ers also went to the NBA Finals in 1977. The next decade began with the Phillies winning it all in 1980. In 1982, we saw the 76ers win it all in the NBA, and Penn State in college football. The Phillies would go to the World Series the next year and Villanova University won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1985. Penn State would win it all again in 1986. Since then, the Steelers went to the Super Bowl twice...but that has been mostly it, as far as championships go, until now. But if you ask many, they feel the undefeated Penn State football team of 1994 should have been National Champions.

It all pretty much began with the Philadelphia Soul this past year. They won the 2008 Arena Football League Championship, which could possibly be the last one of its kind due to the leagues financial difficulties.

Then the Phillies won the 2008 World Series.

Now we are witnessing the Steelers and Eagles pushing for a Keystone Super Bowl.

If either team wins it all this year, which is certainly possible, we may be witnessing the best year of sports in the history of Pennsylvania.

Considering the rich tradition already set in stone by past, that is saying a mouthful...of cheesesteak.

Yo! Pat's or Gino's? The debate continues!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hey Grandpa? Build Your Coffin Now!

It's that time to go to the tool shed and find the shovel for an installment of :


My winner?



Because the NFL has appeared stuck on stupid long before Tags even handed the keys of this Cadillac to Roger Googell.

It is true that Goodell drives this car worse than a drunken Helen Keller. All you have to do is see all the dents and carnage he has laid waste to in his short time.

Goodell Is Tearing The NFL Apart

Not that the rest of the league has exactly pulled out a map, even though it is doubtful Goodell listens to others. He seems hell bent on a mission of his own.

Here are just a few examples that I think need the Old Yeller treatment:

The Brett Bologna

No need to look at the Hyckocrite's stats. I'll get to that in another post. What I'm talking about is how the guy thought he was Cal Ripken Jr. this year by seperating himself from the team, hiding in his own room, and creating yet another rift in another locker room. Cal may have went the route of travelling apart from his team mates in his last years with the Orioles, but he wasn't kicking 2 to 3 errors each game as well. Cal also didn't have the locker room in turmoil, and there were few quotes about his agenda. Oh, and Cal never pointed to a body part for his failings. Though the media has a bust made for ther best buddy already waiting in Canton, it is time for the NFL to help him on his way by sending him out to pasture. Hearing all the quotes in the Jets camp about what a jerk he is reminds me of the quotes from Green Bay just a few months ago. Then there is the other side to this crusty coin. Teams deal with cancers like T.O. and Ocho Cinco, so they can deal with Brett. If you look at all the lousy quarterbacks on rosters in the NFL this year...maybe a team could use about 20 TD's.....and 27+ turnovers next season.

The Jets Already Saw Brett At His Best. Why Sign Him? Masochism?

The Coach Crapfest

There are rumors that Mangina is headed to Cleveland, and Shanahan is doing a reverse Dan Reeves by heading to Dallas. Huh? OK, maybe Shanahan is an upgrade over Phillips...but he showed in Denver his lack of concern for the trenches this past decade. The Cowboys will not win until they address their trenches, so Shanahan would best be served as an offensive coordinator. Even at his worst, he is a huge upgrade over Jason Garrett. As far as Mangina going to Cleveland? I don't get that at all! Wasn't the experience with Crennel enough? I would like to see them hire a high school coach over Mangini. I see a man still waiting his turn that may be perfect for them. A guy I think the Redskins should have hired the day they finally rid themselves of Norv Turner. A guy who has been excellent wherever he has a player and coach. RUSS GRIMM! It may not be a sexy enough hire for the Brownies, but Russ would get that OL playing up to their abilities again. This is the unit that let down the team last year and caused many of the losses. If the Browns need headlines, then they need to go gangbusters at Bill Cowher. Cowher played and coached for the team, and grew up not far away in Pennsylvania. Plus, his hiring would be in no way a retread hiring. The guy is a winner.

Then Goodell came up with a new idea that is really just another example of his stupidity...thus making it a retread in a new realm.

Pro Bowl Before Super Bowl

What a moronic idea! All this proves is that Goodell is bad as hell for the NFL.

What Is This Douchebag Thinking?

Imagine your favorite player on your favorite team having a spectacular year and leading the way to a Super Bowl appearance. Only two scenarios can be played on in the Pro Bowl that is played ahead of the Super Bowl. Obviously this first one is that the player skips the Pro Bowl entirely, which will be the most prevelant move by any Pro Bowlers on teams that make it to the Super Bowl. The second option is what I call the "Robert Edwards" result. Edwards was a rookie who blew out his knee in a NFL event during the 1998 Pro Bowl week. He almost had to have his leg amputated, and did not return to the NFL again until 2002. No team in the Super Bowl is willing to risk this happening. That REALLY takes away from the Pro Bowls legititemacy, because lesser players will have to fill in and make it more of an ALMOST Pro Bowl instead. Why even bother playing this kind of game at all? The last part is how the NFL is moving the game from Hawaii to Miami. Cheap is the first thought that comes to my head. Miami is a nice city, but it ain't Hawaii. Players loved the trip to Honolulu, and brought family along. You really see this happening in Miami?

Time to take Roger Goodell deep into the woods and put a bullet in his dome.

The NFL needs To Take Goodell

His Insipid Ideas

Their Stale Ideology