Sunday, December 26, 2010

NFL Front Office Eunichs Look To End The Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Season

Since Roger Goodell was hired as commissioner of the National Football League in 2006, his reign has been one of blow hard ineptitude. Whether it is his disturbing fellatio on the quarterback position or his faux stance on player safety in order to get a contract signed, the Goodell Era has been an effeminate joke that cares more about money than the actual product on the field.

This type off weak-minded leadership was further seen when he postponed a football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles based on a theory and a further display his NFL is without testosterone or a care about league legacy.

The NFL has called off their Sunday night showdown between the two teams because snow might fall on the City of Brotherly Love. This decision was made before snow had actually had much accumulation and the NFL made a decision based strictly on the prognosis of the man-made machine that called for blizzard-like conditions.

On this very date 62 years ago, a legend was further enhanced amongst all Philadelphia Eagles and NFL fans. Philadelphia was already well in the midst of an actual blizzard, not a theory as of today. The Eagles were set to face the Chicago Cardinals in the championship game in an era where men were treated like men.

Steve Van Buren, the Eagles star halfback who was in the fifth season of his Hall of Fame career, had to walk 12 blocks down Broad Street after having ridden three trolleys from his home to the Eagles stadium. He then set a then-NFL record by running for 196 yards and scored the only touchdown of the game to help Philadelphia celebrate their first championship.

Goodell's NFL has no heroes like Van Buren because the commissioner wants to be the star of the league. Instead of watching Eagles quarterback Michael Vick show the world on a nationally televised game why he is one of a few candidates for the 2010 NFL MVP award on Sunday night, Vick is now relegated to playing at 4 PM on a Tuesday afternoon.

Not only is the choice of time and day utterly moronic by Goodell, but it could also jeopardize the health of an Eagles team that is currently sitting on the top of the NFC East. They took the lead in their division after an exciting comeback against the New York Giants in a grueling game, and now they will be subjected to an extra short week before closing their 2010 season against the Dallas Cowboys.

Goodell dropped the ball yet again, a prevalent theme of his regime. The game should have been played in snow because the game is football. This isn't a Phillies game, it is an Eagles game. Football is supposed to be played in all elements, not treated like a baseball game that can only take place in acceptable weather.

Minnesota, who is playing for nothing but pride, is looking for this season to end so they can begin rebuilding an aging team. Playing in snow would also give them a head start in getting ready to play in their new stadium. The best Vikings teams ever rolled around in the Minnesota snow, and the franchise has done next to nothing since moving into a domed stadium.

Having these two teams play in the snow not only respects the history of the game of football, but it treats the players like men. Men like Van Buren and his predecessors. But is appears the Goodell NFL is one without respect, dignity, nor manhood. Much like the theories he has based his leadership on over facts, the NFL continues to lose their legacy by following a politician's son with no real understanding of the game he leads.

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Anonymous said...

The days of the past are gone. I attended the infamous Freezer Bowl (Bengals-Chargers, 1981?), but would I have been able to attend if he was in charge? After all, "public safety" issue was in play due to the minus-50-some-below zero wind chill.

Good take.