Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mark McGwire = NOT a Hall of Famer

Another old TSN post:

The debate on whether McGwire should be elected this year, down the road after the investigations completed further, or ever is tedious.

Just because, at one time, he set a single season record for home runs doesn't mean he deserves election.
Roger Maris never got in.

If you look at McGwires numbers, you'll see how unworthy he is.
1874 games in 16 seasons
1167 runs scored
1414 RBI's
1626 hits
Life time BA: .263

Compare him to just a few other sluggers who will never get in:
Cecil Fielder: 13 seasons, 1470 games, 1313 hits, 1008 RBI's, .255 BA
Dave Kingman: 16 seasons, 1941 games, 1575 hits, 901 runs, 1210 RBI's, .236 BA
Don Baylor: 19 seasons, 2292 games, 2135 hits, 1236 runs, 1276 RBI's, .260 BA
Darrel Evans: 21 seasons, 2687 games, 2223 hits, 1344 runs, 1354 RBI's, .248 BA
Joe Carter: 16 seasons, 2189 games, 2184 hits, 1170 runs, 1445 RBI's, .259 BA

All good players who got their numbers, a few probably without using any drugs.
Just not Hall of Famers.

Others argue about his 583 steroid aided dingers.

McGwire just flip flopped, now saying he won't take part in any investigation.

I think he deserves nothing until MLB builds a separate wing called :

The Cheaters of the Game wing.

Then you can let him in freely along side Sosa, Raffy, Bonds, Rose, Shoeless Joe and the rest.
Give them the ceremony, pomp and circumstances, ect.
We all know MLB, the owners, media knew about juiced balls and players.
Just put their seats in the crowd with the fans if they show up at future induction ceremonies.

Keep it fair for all, even if they weren't.

Time to take a different type of high road.


Anonymous said...

i don't care for juicers to be in any hall of fame anywhere. seems a bit unfair, but hey, that's just me!!

solid write up 3rd & nice to see you back!!

Mind of MadMan said...

So true.. Even with the advances of science today, none compare to the purposful cheater that you mentioned.

Lester's Legends said...

i'm with ya pal.