Monday, November 3, 2008

When A Name Is Not Just Words Part Two

Part one, I told you about Fair Hooker.

In 1960, the San Francisco 49ers drafted a few colorfully named men. Tight End Monty Stickles, who went on the play with the AFL Los Angeles Chargers instead, and Goose Gonsoulin, who went on to set records as a Safety with the Denver Broncos in the AFL.

They also drafted:


Rod was a 3rd round pick, and the 35th player chosen overall. He was a star Linebacker at the University of Maryland. He grew up in Cumberland, Maryland.

Maybe it was due to this fact that the Washington Redskins acquired his services after the draft. He played right away. Rod picked off 3 passes for 67 yards in his rookie year. He swiped 2 the next, then 3 more in 1962. He also pounced on 3 fumbles, and was named to his only Pro Bowl Team that season. Breedlove picked off one pass the following year, then none in 1964. He was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers before the 1965 season. He played there until 1967, and intercepted 2 balls and recovered 4 fumbles in the 39 games he suited up for the Steelers. He then retired.

Maybe it was fate that prevented Rod Breedlove from being a 49er? I imagine that, with his name in an era of free love that was prevalent in San Fracisco during the 60's, that he would have been quite popular out there. Maybe he was in DC? For more than being a hometown hero too.

Regardless, Rod Breedlove certainly has one of the most unique names in all of sports history.

He had an excellent career in sports as well.


CK0712™ said...

3rd, 3 passes in his rookie year!! NICE!!! don't u sometimes wish, we could see these guys play in today's NFL?

Scott Dibiasio said...

Rod's a drinking buddy of mine, even though he is 34 years my senior. He's a good man. He's all torn up physically these days, having had two hip and knee replacements, chronic back pain, etc. He hangs out at a place called Moni's in Crofton, MD. Stop in there any Saturday or Sunday and your sure to run into him...especially when the 'Skins are on.