Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Peeling off that crusty and stained boa feather, it is once again time for POINTLESS PONDERING. That unretiring showgirl pulling her nipples out of her socks.

It is tough to say goodbye for some. Sports is not exempt from this. We have seen guys like Muhammed Ali hang on too long, and guys like Jim Brown get out ahead of the game.

Sports has said farewell to a few lately in different ways.

John Madden got off the bus, and now will chill at home full time. Madden was known as an intense coach in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders, an actor in several commercials, a long time sports journalist, and a video game mogul.

The Onion is a humor "news"paper. They did a tribute to Madden by doing timeline on him. Many were funny, but the one I liked best said, "1936: Mary Margaret Madden feels what she believes is her child kicking, but is in actuality her unborn son John eating his twin brother."

There are rumblings about the return of Brett Farve

Teams know what they get with him as far as an experienced Hall of Fame bound player. There is that much talked about moxie and flare. There are other opinions, but let's just stick with facts. In 273 regular season games, Favre has coughed up the ball 376 times to the opposition. That is an average of 1.4 turnovers per game. I just hope Vinny Cerrato, of the Washington Redskins, isn't trying to convince owner Dan Snyder to sign him. Still, I wish Brett well. It is America, and he should play as long as both he and any interested team wants it to happen.

I almost feel like waving adios to the Washington Nationals already. Has ANYONE even noticed that Ryan Zimmerman is in the midst of an electric 29 game hitting streak? It is the second longest by any third baseman in the history of major league baseball. I have been a fan of this man since the day he put on a Nationals uniform. He has the best glove in thre hot corner since Brooks Robinson, the greatest ever. The Nationals may not be winning much, but they aren't selling many seats in their ballpark either. This is how D.C. has lost two baseball teams already. It is time for the Nationals public relations department to get busy, because this is a rare feat that Zimmerman is achieving at present time.

Then there are departures through mortality itself.

Here are a few recent partings that has me thankful for the moments shared, and saddened by the realization there will be no more.

Goodbye Dom DeLuise aka Captain Chaos

Peace Harry Kalas

Harry and Ritchie Are Back Together Again

A Bike Ride Is Ending, But The Mission Continues. Spread the Word!


The Kids Still Need Our Help!

My friend did an interview with me recently, and I might put some of it in this blog. He is on tour, so grab a ticket for yourself if he heads your way.

MY Favorite Instrumental By Him

Well, it's that time to make like a baby and head out. Like they say on Ol' Mexico = A.M.F.


Lester's Legends said...

If only Favre can stay retired he and Madden can be forever linked.

I'm pulling for Zimmerman every night.

tcp said...

I'm pulling for Zimmerman too ... I want to see history made ... and he's a good guy ... so it would be a win-win situation.