Friday, February 19, 2010

Quarterbacks For Hire To Put Under Fire


Strengths : Young, mobile, strong arm, intelligent.

Weaknesses : Played in 6 different systems in seven years and has taken a beating.

Possible destinations : Washington, Buffalo, Saint Louis, Arizona, San Francisco, Seattle

Campbell is not only the best available quarterback out there, but he probably still is better than the group coming out of college this year for the draft. Assuming Washington foolishly neglects to re-sign him, Campbell could provide help to teams starving for ready made quarterbacks.


Strengths : Young, decent arm, intelligent, good leadership abilities.

Weaknesses : Not the big arm most teams like, not mobile, and has been dinged up recently.

Possible destinations : Denver, Buffalo, Saint Louis, Seattle, San Francisco

He was an afterthought in the big Jay Cutler trade to Chicago, but he certainly had the much better season. Denver will re-sign him, but others are interested in seeing what happens next.


Strengths : Young, mobile, strong arm

Weaknesses : Hasn't had the experience teams would like from a guy demanding a lot of money.

Possible destinations : Carolina, Saint Louis, Seattle

He is probably better than Jake Delhomme right now, but that isn't saying much. Carolina will probably re-sign him, but other teams will fight for his services if they don't.


Strengths : Young, mobile, strong enough arm

Weaknesses : Played probably before he was ready, so some wonder if his psyche is damaged. Can make poor decisions.

Possible destinations : Minnesota, San Francisco, Saint Louis

The Vikings will wait on the next Favre retirement/ unretirement fiasco, or try to pry Donovan McNabb from Philadelphia. Jackson will be in limbo for quite some before any decision is made. He is still young, so he probably won't wait long for an offer if the Vikings let him go.


Strengths : Leader, intelligent.

Weaknesses : Weak arm weakened more by injuries.

Possible destinations : Miami, Buffalo, Saint Louis, Oakland

His arm wasn't much before two devastating injuries to it. He might retire, but he could be a good reserve.


Strengths : Tall with a big arm with a Pro Bowl honor under his belt.

Weaknesses : Slow on his feet, seems to have regressed drastically the past two seasons.

Possible destinations : Buffalo, Saint Louis, Arizona, San Francisco, Seattle

Anderson may be looked at little more than a high priced reserve right now, but it wasn't that long ago he went to the Pro Bowl for Cleveland. The Browns haven't been able to block or catch the last few years, so Anderson has suffered. A new change of scenery could revive his career, assuming Cleveland cuts or trades him. If it doesn't work out that way, then a team can get a proven veteran reserve for a year.

The Rest:

Charlie Batch

Retirement seems the next next logical step.

Kyle Boller

The upside is this former first round draft pick and bust married the girl who was thrown out of a beauty pageant after posing nude not long after disparaging others. 'Nuff Said!

Kellen Clemens

He has athleticism, but hasn't really been given a shot. A team like Buffalo might work, but many think he is strictly a second stringer.

David Carr

After getting hammered so much at the beginning of his career, the former first player picked overall in 2002 has hardly been touched in two years. He will get some looks.

Brodie Croyle

He should look at the CFL or UFL immediately for employment.

Charlie Frye

If Al Davis signs this journeyman to a new contract, it hopefully won't be for much. He is probably headed for the UFL.

Rex Grossman

Let him go to the UFL.

Chris Redman

He came out of the football graveyard to revive his career a few years ago, but is strictly a backup.

Troy Smith

A small but mobile guy. Not much arm, but a big heart. Strictly backup material

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