Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 NFL Drafts Biggest First Round Gambles

The first round of the 2010 NFL Draft has completed and is full of questions and head scratchers. Every year there is a team that takes questionable picks, but this year has perhaps more than any other in recent memory,

Here are some of this years first round draft picks that deserve the most scrutiny.

1. Saint Louis Rams : Sam Bradford

OK, the Rams have never drafted a quarterback in the first round of the NFL common draft, after the American Football League merged with it in 1967. The Rams also showed little interest in their trenches before the draft after giving away defensive tackle Adam Carroker, their 2007 first round pick, for virtually nothing to the Washington Redskins.

Gambling on a guy, with the first overall pick in the draft, who was obviously a system quarterback in college, albeit a brittle one, when he wasn’t even considered a top ten talent in the draft is a move that could haunt them for a decade. The Rams could have gotten a quarterback of equal talents in the second round, while selecting the best player in the draft.

They chose, however, to buckle to the media. To get a quarterback in a league that panders to the position. The Rams better hope Bradford can take a lot of hits behind their questionable offensive line.

4. Washington Redskins : Trent Williams

Lets see, the Redskins just lost Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels to a career ending retirement, and also had perhaps the worst offensive line in the NFL last year. So they get a guy most consider a right tackle with the best left tackle sitting on the board?

They just got Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb, so drafting anyone constitutes an upgrade. However, this is a huge gamble that Williams can play the most important position on the offensive line, a position many rated him the sixth or seventh best prospect there.

8. Oakland Raiders : Rolando McClain

Kirk Morrison, the starting middle linebacker last year, had very similar numbers to Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. Willis is generally considered the best in the NFC at his position. The Raiders offensive line stinks, the secondary needs help, and the quarterback position is amongst the worst in the league.

Yet Al Davis, Hall of Fame owner of the Raiders, obviously sees something most others don’t. McClain had inflated numbers in college, and many think needs a lot of work. He said weeks ago he wanted to play in a 3-4 defense, but the Raiders run a 4-3 defense.

With so many good blockers still on the board, time will tell if Al made another mistake.

9. Buffalo Bills : C.J. Spiller

The Bills have HUGE questions at quarterback and the offensive line, and running back was considered a strength. Getting Spiller is a “best athlete drated” scenario, but will he work in Buffalo? They say all he needs is an opening to take off, but these openings with will hard to find with opponents crowding the line of scrimmage, not respecting the passing game and putting more pressure on a iffy offensive line.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars : Tyson Alualu

HUH? Alualu was rated maybe the fifth best defensive tackle in the draft. What was the Jaguars thinking? Their financial struggles are well noted, so perhaps they think they can sign this kid to a low contract?

For a team needing a pass rush , running back depth, and a quarterback to mold, this selection made little sense. It could finall cost head coach Jack Del Rio his job.

13. Philadelphia Eagles : Brandon Graham

The Igglez sure love tiny defensive ends. They need major help in the secondary, especially at cornerback. They traded up for Graham, so perhaps a good pass rush is what they figure will help a weak secondary?

20. Houston Texans : Kareem Jackson

Houston needs help at safety and cornerback, so perhaps Jackson is being counted on to fill either slot? Curious pick, considering there were quite a few higher rated defensive backs still on the board at both positions.

22. Denver Broncos : Demaryious Thomas

Head Coach Josh McDaniels traded down, with the story the guys he wanted were still on the board. He ends up picking two guys who had a very good chance on being drafted in the third round.

Thomas is a project, and was rated maybe the six best wide receiver prospect on the board. As soon as he reached on Thomas, the Dallas Cowboys coyly moved up and grabbed the best wide receiver in the draft.

Hopefully McDaniels is right here.

25. Denver Broncos : Tim Tebow

Yeah yeah, he’s a “nice guy” and he “never cusses”. But this guy is not an NFL quarterback, period. Recently acquired Brady Quinn can show Tebow the ropes on what a first round flop is supposed to look like.

Quinn’s ego has to be hurting, because many teams only carry two quarterbacks these days. Will the selection of Tebow find Quinn looking for work in a few weeks? Stay tuned to this mess.

31. Indianapolis Colts : Jerry Hughes

Considering there were much better defensive ends on the board, this pick is questionable.
A ‘tweener who really doesn’t fit the mold of anything more than a pass rushing outside linebacker or an undersized defensive end. Guys like Sergio Kindle, Ricky Sapp, or Carlos Dunlap would have made mnore sense.
What is confusing is how the Colts ignored the offensive line and major need for defensive tackles with this selection.

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There were some head scratchers, that's for sure. Pretty good draft though I thought.