Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Not Quite Mensa Level Sports Trivia Challenge

The questions will come as erratic and eccentric as a mad scientists humpbacked assistant in a dungy, defunct labratory on a now submerged island in the middle of nowhere.

Name the team, now known as the Redhawks, who went to one NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.
Who was their leading scorer?

Who is the only player ever to have led both the NBA and ABA in rebounding average for a season?

Who was Jim Marshall's first professional team?

What athlete is known as Wa-Tho-Huk?

What great boxer was named after a famous singer, who had changed his real name to avoid confusion with another very famous person?

Who is Dick Furry?
What was significant about his playing career?

Who was the famous Centre who led the famous 'GAG' line?

Who is the Rhodes Scholar that blew off the NFL in his first year of NFL eligibility?
Why did he do this?
What are 2 things he did that year?

Only 2 players averaged at least 20 points and 10 rebounds in a season for 4 professional basketball teams.
Who were they?

How many NBA All Star Centers has the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill produced?
Who were they?

So far, only 2 NFL Drafts have failed to produce an NFL Hall of Fame member.
What years were they?

Bonus points if you know the 2 players in the first draft who were named to their franchises Hall of Fames, and if you can name what extra special accolades one of these players achieved throughout both his college and pro careers.

What basketball player has a 101.5 inch wing span?

Who is one of five men's college basketball players ever to average at least 20 points and 20 rebounds over a career, the NBA all-time most successful field goal percentage shooter, and ranks among the top 25 all-time point scorers, as well as in the top ten in rebounds, blocked shots, games and minutes played.
What is unique about this man today?
What other record does he still hold?
Who are the other 4 players?

Who holds the NCAA Men's basketball record for rebounding average in a year?
What team did he play for, and what year did he do it?

Who hoisted up 71 shots in a NCAA men's basketball game?
What year did this happen? How many did he make?

The team he did it against accomplished 2 records, that still stand, 3 seasons later.
What are they?

What is the first record set by Wilt Chamberlain that still stands today?

What do Jesse Arnelle and Dick Hemric have in common with a Basketball Hall of Famer who was an NBA Champion, NCAA Champion, NIT Champion, NCAA Tourney MVP, and NIT co-MVP?
Who is the Hall of Famer I speak of?
What record does he still own?
Bonus points if you know the teams these 3 played on, and if you know the player who next joined them in rare territory, and who was the 1st ever to accomplish it?

Only one American based team won the Canadian Football League Championship.
Who were they? What year did they accomplish this feat?
What did the local fans call them?

What do Ken Stabler, Bill Walsh, Garo Yepremian, Coy Bacon, Sam Wyche, and Otis Sistrunk have in common?

EZ 1 for BoSox fans : What event could happened initially that would have prevented the whole "Babe's Curse" era?

1 comment:

CK0712™ said...

HA, lamo that i am, i only know a few ;0

sugar ray was the boxer who changed his name.

continental football league, is what stabler etc..all have in common.

1943 & 1959 drafts, i know just that one of the teams was my eagles & his name was Al Wistert (i think is how u spell his last name)

i think the rhodes scholar was Pat Hayden (Haden) not sure of spelling, went to oxford & played qb for socal.

jim marshalls 1st pro team, was with the CFL but i don't know the teams name :(

sooooooooooo how did i score LOL! Mesa level huh, downright HARD lol!