Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fantasy Flukes R Us

This is a rare entry for me, talking about fantasy football.

I leave that stuff to Lester's Legends, a REAL expert!

Check him out, if you some haven't yet, at http://lesterslegends.com/

I have played fantasy football six years in about three to four leagues each year. Won four championships in the six previous years, and lost in two more championship games. The key for me has been gambling on rookies basically.

I am now in my fourth year as the commissioner of my own league, but joined three more leagues this year as well.

My problem was simple. I was the last team to draft in each league that is no less than 18 teams deep, and my life in reality had me so that I could only make one draft in person. I had to scour the free agents lists after the other leagues drafts.

Somehow I started this year undefeated, though I realize this is a fleeting moment.

For fun, I decided to let you in on my rosters so you can get a decent chuckle and realize my teams are probably not playoff bound.

The first team is called THE HANGMEN, named in honor of Chris Hanburger's nickname.

QB : Tony Romo = Well, no complaints. He is average
QB : Trent Edwards = If he stays healthy, he could be OK.
RB : Chris Johnson = Maybe, but he splits carries.
RB : LenDale White : The guy he splits the carries with. Auto-draft rules lol.
RB : Knowshon Moreno = I like rookies, this guy might be good.
RB : Ahmad Bradshaw = If Jacobs has a injury, Ahmad might help.
WR : Randy Moss = No complaints here at all.
WR : Vincent Jackson = Again, no complaints.
WR : Chris Henry = I think he is a sleeper.
WR : Eddie Royal = If Marshall leaves, his value increases.
TE : Kellen Winslow = Dunno how many balls he will see?
K : Neil Rackers = He should get chances
D/ ST : San Diego = They are solid, so I'm happy.
D/ ST : Minnesota = I like them, so happy one again.

THAT is probably my best team.

Here are the others :

CHRIS HANBURGER HOF 2010, named because of my mission you might know of.

QB : Drew Brees = Geesh, how could I not be happy here?
QB : Trent Edwards = Just think he will be good this year.
RB : Ladainian Tomlinson = I hope L.T. still has IT.
RB : Pierre Thomas = I think he gets 1,000 this year.
RB : Tim Hightower = He scored me a mess of TD's last year.
RB : LeSean McCoy = I think Westbrook can't last 16 games.
WR : DeSean Jackson = A repeat of last year would be nice.
WR : Percy Harvin = Just have a feeling on this rookie.
WR : Torry Holt = I think his tank isn't quite empty.
WR : Darrius Heyward-Bey = Saw him as a Terp. He's a rookie starter.
TE : Jason Witten = The Cowboys love getting him the ball often.
TE : Jeremy Shockey = He could be big this year.
K : Kris Brown = Best free agent kicker available in my league.
D/ ST : Steelers = They are a top five unit in the league.

GAITHERSBURG GLADIATORS - This is my team in my four year old league, and defending champs.

We did some rule changes to increase scoring, and increase rosters. Missing this draft hurt, because one has to dig deep in later rounds especially. I did a lot of free agent moves here.

As the commish, I have to be fair and nice. One guy couldn't rank his players, and got no QB's worth anything. Being charitable, I gave him Kerry Collins for WR Dave Clowney.

QB : Phil Rivers = No complaints
QB : Matt Stafford = At least he is starting, so hope he does decent.
QB : Chad Henne = The best free agent left. Blah.
RB : Lawrence Maroney = Dunno if he'll get the ball much.
RB : Knowshon Moreno = The rookie thing.
RB : Cedric Benson = At least he is currently starting.
RB : James Davis = A rookie sleeper.
RB : Aaron Brown = I like this rookie.
RB : Mike Goodson = A rookie with potential.
RB : Chester Taylor = If AP goes down, he is the man.
WR : Larry Fitzgerald = He is a lucky get for my team.
WR : Brandon Marshall = Hope he is productive, not disruptive.
WR : Darrius Heyward-Bey = A Terp and rookie.
WR : Louis Murphy = He could surprise.
WR : Pierre Garcon = Many people get the ball in Indy after Wayne.
WR : David Clowney = The guy hopefully isn't just a preseasom player.
WR : Chris Henry = Hoping he realizes his talents.
WR : Jerheme Urban = The Cards love to pass.
WR : Mike Wallace = A sleeper rookie.
WR : Deon Butler : Gambling this rookie is ready.
TE : Todd Heap = He could be back to All-Pro form.
TE : Jacob Tamme : In a thin TE pool, he was the best option.
TE : Martin Rucker = A sleeper pick.
K : Matt Prater = This guy might not get many chances.
D/ ST : Eagles = Happy here. They can pick off passes.
D/ ST : Seahawks = I hope they will be good.
D/ ST : Bills = They are a decent team for bye week use.


QB : Tony Romo = A decent guy.
QB : Jason Campbell = Hoping he is decent.
RB : Chris Johnson = Hope he gets carries.
RB : Ryan Grant = Maybe he gets 1,000
RB : Reggie Bush = I don't think I'll keep him long.
RB : Felix Jones = If he stays healthy, he might do OK.
WR : Larry Fitzgerald = Hope he keeps going.
WR : Lee Evans = He can be big this year.
WR : Devin Hester = Dunno how good he will be.
WR : Chris Chambers = Might dump him.
TE : Antonio Gates = He is a top TE in the AFC.
TE : Vernon Davis = If the Niners use him right, he could be the best.
K : Adam Vinatiri = If healthy, he is solid.
D/ ST : Vikings = Think they will do OK this year.

Well, these are my teams. Not impressive, I know. Beggars cannot be choosers when drafting last, especially if one does not make three of the four live draft days.

So, my advice is to get your fantasy help from Lester's Legends or Chris at http://undrafteds.com.


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Lester's Legends said...

Hey thanks for the mention. I'd say you are doing just fine. Some real nice teams there. The one with LT & Pierre could be in trouble because of injury, but that's just bad luck.