Friday, September 12, 2008

Boogers I Wouldn't Pick

This is yet another old TSN post no one read. It is funny how it really isn't that outdated, even though it was written in March.

1. People Who Are Anti - Al Davis.

Funny how times have changed. There is only one guy who has done more for the Pro Football than Al. That would be NFL founder = George Halas. Towards his end, the Bears had teams far worse than what Oakland's putting out there. Did Bear fans or EVEN NFL fans tell him to go? HELL NO! Respect earned must be given. It was George's team, and only still played football because of him. The same can be said for Al Davis! The Raiders had eight owners in 1960 - 62, and were playing in Candlestick Park, not Oakland while Al was coaching tight ends for the LA Chargers. Al took over in '63 and SAVED the franchise and soon had the AFL go from drawing 29,000 at their Championship to drawing over 60,000, forcing the NFL to beg them to unite. Al brought EVERY team from the AFL to the NFL. Can the WFL, USFL or XFL even claim ONE team? Back then, the NFL had quotas on black players - only a certain number at certain positions allowed. Al had the AFL drafting out of black colleges and there were no quotas. Eddie Robinson sent eighteen Grambling players to the AFL, compared to only fourteen in the NFL in the 60's. The AFL had the first black starting quarterback, middle linebacker, and place kicker under Al's guidance and leadership with Hank Stram's support. Many know Al hired the first black head coach, and the first Latino head coach, as well as the first female team president. Al is very loyal to his players, as exemplified by the Tommy Kelly re-signing, even though Kelly is rehabbing a bad knee. Al has been asked by NINE former players to make their induction speeches into the NFL Hall of Fame. Al has been, and continues to be, good for the NFL. The NFL can thank Al too as they cash their paychecks for several reasons. Imagine if he kept the AFL was a more exciting brand of football back then....would the NFL be where it is today? HELL NO! I'm no Raider fan, but I respect the facts, and I LOVE FOOTBALL. If your against Al Davis, you are against football!

2. Selfish Athletes Who String Their Teams Along.

They don't realize they are coming out as clubhouse cancers, perhaps. Maybe they do realize the results of their actions after all? Last year, three future Hall of Fame football players strung their teams out until training camp before deciding to inform their teams that they would return. What happened to professionalism? Has the ego of today's athlete grown so much that vanity comes before teamwork? Does everyone want to be a diva instead of a champion? This year, two of those three are again stringing their teams along as the draft rapidly approaches. Why allow the team to build in the right areas when it's all about you. Right?

3. Marion Jones Sits In A Jail Cell, But Clemens And Bonds Contemplate Playing Another Season While Roaming Around Free.

This is, without doubt, the most sickening happening occurring right now. The media says nothing, which adds to the atrocity. The message being left by our government to our youth is to lie to be free. Tell the truth and get the ball and chain. Charles Barkely often says that athletes are not role models. Well, neither is our court system, our representatives, nor our laws, or Constitution. In the words of George Carlin," It's All Bullshtuff And It's Bad For You".

4. Ocho Cinco Goes Several Steps Beyond Sprewell.

Current Cleveland Brown defensive lineman Shaun Smith was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals during a Wild Card playoff loss to the Steelers in January, 2006, which is mostly known for Carson Palmer blowing out his knee on a low hit in the first half. Smith claims Chad Johnson took several swings at the coaching staff during halftime. He claims Johnson broke glass in the training room when he missed hitting Head Coach Marvin Lewis on the first swing. He says Johnson hit Lewis in the eye with a second punch, then tried to attack former wide receivers coach Hugh Jackson. Johnson denies it, of course, since he is seeking another team to be interested enough in him to attempt to trade for him. The Bengals, as usual, are silent over the matter This is just another example of either bad luck, or bad choices made by the Bengals in the Lewis era. Honestly, I more surprised Lewis continues to hold onto his job more than Johnson. Both need clean breaks, yet it is amazing further flare ups didn't occur......or did they?

5. There Have Been Rumors Lately That More NFL Teams Are Involved In Spygate.

Is Anyone Really Shocked? Goodell Continues To Come Off Creepier By The Day. Spying on other teams has been as much a part of the NFL game as weight lifting for years. George Allen was caught sending out spies when he coached the L.A. Rams. Allen was hired by the Redskins later. He hired a security guard for training camp dubbed "Specs". Specs would sneak around the camps outskirts looking for spies and purportedly caught a few Dallas Cowboys scouts in a camp site in the woods behind the teams training camp field. This is the event that started the famous Redskins/ Cowboys rivalry.

6. ESPN has jumped the shark way past the point of ridiculousness.

ESPN has a bad habit of trying to cram images down their viewers throats. They feel it is their place to tell you which sports figures to admire or follow. This week Brett Farve finally made a decision and decided to retire by calling ESPN gossip hound, Chris Mortonsen, one night. The next morning, as the networks talking heads yammered on about Favre, their infamous sports ticker on the lower screen flashed the message, "BRETT FAVRE RETIRES" continuously for 20 minutes straight. They wouldn't do that if the President of the USA was assassinated, or if missiles were on the way after being shot off by North Korea.


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