Monday, September 22, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys Are NOT America's Team

The title says it all. This article is intended to be a reality check to everyone who buys into that false slogan. You can buy into it. That is how the money is made by Jerry Jones and the NFL. But if you step outside of the box that has been created, you can see the truth.
The truth is the WASHINGTON REDSKINS are more of America's Team than the Cowboys. Why? Well, who actually plays their football in the capital of the United States? Doesn't our Nations Capital symbolize our United States? If you know your geography, you know Dallas is nowhere near Washington D.C.

Let us look at this Dallas Cowboys organization today to further my point. No, not the one aptly run with some class and dignity by the late Clint Murchison Jr.. I'm talking about since February of 1989. That is when Jerry Jones bought the team. Jerry is an superior evaluator of physical talent, and showed this again during the last offseason with an excellent draft and free agent signings. He has hired some of the most athletic players in the NFL in his tenure. One factor of a human beings make up that Jerry is uninterested in is character. His solution for his players indiscretions is to toss money at it. It seems to work if you see Michael "I'm holding it for my brother" Irvin strutting into a court of law in a full length fur coat as a symbol of being untouchable because of who employed him.

There is no reason to delve into his recent hirings of Tank Johnson, nor the NFL's version of Puff Daddy, Adam "To Pac or not to Pac man" Jones. It is obvious Jerry stole a page from the Al Davis playbook, but he took it to another level. Al's Raiders were outcasts too, but they weren't being frequently arrested, nor paralyzing people from the neck down for life by being idiots. What it does seem is that Jerry will back you as long as you play for him. If Nate Newton had been caught as a player with drugs, would he be in jail today? Jerry probably would have bought his freedom like he did for Irvin innumerous times. Still, the big blue star holds love and loyalty for players whom Jerry used. Listen to Emmitt Smith talk about the Cowboys every other sentence on ESPN on Sundays, despite his being exiled to Arizona to finish his career.

America's Team. I am assuming that the term was created by a marketing wizard to speak of being a champion. Is Dallas truly worthy of either term? If it is meant to imply Super Bowls wins, then what about losses? Do we Americans equate losing to America? If we think of America being the perfect champion, the teams like the Green Bay Packers would fit the term "America's Team" better for never having lost in that game. Actually, the first team that was given that title was the Baltimore Colts during the Johnny Unitas era. Not in words, but by the actions of fans. Many kids walked around with a Johnny U. haircut during the teams heights in the 1960's. Then Dallas felt the need to take that term in the 1970's, even though the Pittsburgh Steelers were easily the best team then. In fact, the Miami Dolphins were the second best team in that decade. Is "America's Team" supposed to be the third, fourth, or fifth best in the game?

This week, the Washington Redskins come into Texas to continue their rivalry with the Cowboys. It is one of the best in all of sports, but not many remember the origins from when the legendary rival started. During the early 1970's, Washington had George Allen as it's head coach. Allen, now in the Hall of Fame, allegedly caught two people spying on his teams practice one day. They worked for the Cowboys. Allen was so infuriated, that he made it his mission to beat the Cowboys. What followed is many memories worth keeping, from Longley's Thanksgiving Day Gift to Ken Houston stopping Walt Garrison inches short from a game winning touchdown. Still, after all the hullabaloo surround the New England Patriots "Spy Gate" episodes, how could Americans call a cheaters a team that represents them best? If so, wouldn't this now make the Patriots "America's Team"?

Basically, it is a bogus term hijacked under false pretenses for the sake of making money. Now, with an enabler for an owner, the franchise sinks to new lows year by year in the morality department. I don't think too many Americans would want to be associated with this franchise, even if they cheer for them. Unless they find the criminal life savory enough to attach themselves to this wobbly bandwagon full of packaging that is all dull glitter and no substance.


CK0712 said...

wouldn't all football teams be "america's team" ? 32 teams in the house. jerry jones started that, or at least i'm assuming, that's how much i pay attention. ;0
good write up though, can't argue with the points made!

Mo Morrissey said...

I agree with you 3rd Stone. They aren't...The Patriots on the other hand....


CK0712 said...

HEY lmao!

Lester's Legends said...

good stuff. if we are equating it to the current regime, I'd say the Raiders are America's team. Yep, as a country we are that dysfunctional

Mind of MadMan said...

Dallas America's team...
Does not say much about football in general except you would have to have some crooks of course, bigots, and loud mouths. And of course a dummy that only likes bimbo blonds, and then you would have America's team. Almost forgot, gotta have a greedy SOB!!!
*sigh* I guess they as well ass ALL are America's team!!!