Friday, September 26, 2008

Hey Detroit? Look At Boston!

Most fans of sports are aware of the "Curse Of Babe Ruth", which loomed over the Boston Red Sox franchise for decades. Some lived their entire lives believing in its existence. Those who don't believe in curses rationalize the reasons for the lack of championships by the Red Sox were either due to teams unlucky, not good enough, or a combination of both. Regardless to whether curses are real or not, the Red Sox have certainly shoved that myth into the derriere of oblivion.

Where am I going with this? Well, it was 50 years ago when the Detroit Lions Hall Of Fame Quarterback Bobby Layne was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The story goes that, as Layne was ready to go to Pittsburgh, he told a group of people that the Lions would not win another championship for 50 years. What has followed in the Lions franchise has circumstances that could have Lions fans believing in the curse laid down by Layne. From the quarterback carousal that has followed since Layne's departure, to the numerous #1 draft picks that failed, to the several head coaches that have come and gone without much impact, the Lions have floundered for the better part of the 50 years that have followed. The past decade, the Lions have the worst record in the NFL, and many Detroit fans lay this blame on the Lions ownership. But, it is really their incompetence, or "Bobby Layne's Curse" in effect?

Though "Ruth's Curse" never had a timeline, nor did the Babe ever utter that he placed a curse on the Red Sox, there can be similarities for Lions fans to draw from for the sake of hope. It certainly would be better to latch onto the Red Sox curse than the Chicago Cubs curse. At least until the Cubs win another championship. Neither franchise has suffered as much as the Lions, who have won just one playoff game since Layne's departure.

The time is ticking on this curse. If it is true, this indicates the Lions are bound for glory in 2009. I know this whole idea seems far fetched, but so does the thought that curses are real. Well, at least to some. So cheer up Lions fans. Get your 2009 calender ready. Maybe even buy your Super Bowl tickets early. If this curse is real, it expires at the end of this season. Then, you can feel that joy Red Sox fans have been feeling the past few years. A joy so grand, that even 100 year old BoSox fans walk around without the need for Viagra. Detroit Lions fans deserve that joy as well.


tcp said...

100 year old men walking around without the need for viagra....LMAO

Loved that line.

If the Lions win the Super Bowl in '09 I will believe in the curse, but not until then.

Mind of MadMan said...

Man that is a classic line...
Great post.

CK0712 said...

I know this whole idea seems far fetched, but so does the thought that curses are real.


Lester's Legends said...

Great stuff. The Lions are on the right path by getting rid of Millen