Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lip Licking Liars & Paying Poor Perfomances Proper

This is, yet again, one of those posts no one read on TSN. It was done in March, so it's slightly dated..but BFD. :)

Time to spit out your chaw Jethro. Pop the popcorn and tie down the kids to their cribs securely. There's a storm brewing in the horizon. Amidst the swirl of flying cows and twirling trailer homes = it's POINTLESS PONDERING. OK, you can stop flicking your bics and save the lighter fluid for the Loverboy reunion tour. We only play one song.

Candace Parker is going hardship! WOW! She is leaving to receive a pay cut and much less P.R. to join the WNBA. Guess she's tired of having people watch her play basketball.

Speaking on Tennessee, they are now THE hub of college basketball! Amazing! The Vol's dominate both boards. The men are first and the ladies are third in National rankings. Memphis University has purchased their way to third in men's basketball too. Vanderbilt is in the top 20 too! All four teams could probably beat the Grizzlies.
The last time things were happening and jumping like this down there was when Hee Haw was on network TV, and Andy Kaufmann was wrasslin Jerry "The King" Lawler in the 70's.

Yao Mingh is done and it's a shame. He just took over the mantle of top Center in the NBA, if not world. He has been slowly breaking down and having foot problems for years, and this fracture truly betrays him. Ask Bill Walton, and he wasn't lugging around nearly as much mass. Yao will probably never play more than half a season if asked to start and play 30 minutes a game. It's all downhill from here and probably ends in 4 seasons of pain and fruitless rehabbing. Hope I'm wrong on this take.
Dikembe is a great back up for a 87 year old guy, but the Rockets have no fuel without Yao. Even with the winning streak and T-Mac, they are not going anywhere playoff time.

Best Wishes to ex Dodger great Davey Lopes on a speedy recovery from prostate cancer. Weird life we live that Lopes has it there. Considering what a pain in the a*$ he was to the teams he would steal bases on, rob of hits with great fielding, and come up with clutch hits on some excellent teams. Top coach too.

Does any NBA player deserve more respect and reverence than Allen Iverson? Admit it, we all didn't expect him to last this long, especially as a top scorer. The guy weighs like 165 lbs and might be 6' with shoe lifts. He might not jump as high, that's normal. What is exceptional is his heart, desire, and under rated leadership. He is playing out of position for the sake of his team, yet he still produces. His D isn't what it once was, but if you need points = A.I. will get you a lot either by shooting or passing. The guy is truly amazing and here is one person who hopes the wheels don't fall off while he's still in an NBA uniform.

Is Hank Steinbrenner nuts? This guy is making The Boss look like Wellington Mara in comparison already. His talk of becoming partners with the BoSox has Beantown laughing hysterically in disbelief.

Isaac Bruce was cut by the Rams. Sure, he was scooped right up by the 49ers, but doesn't this make one sick? The owners shot themselves in the foot. They treat players like meat before and after free agency. You can't blame a player for playing musical teams. Soon, the guy playing for 10 teams in 10 seasons will be common, but it SUCKS that a guy can't finish his career with dignity anymore. I wonder if Payton and Tom end up finishing their careers the same way? Probably will.

This may be the worst free agency period yet. Justin Smith gets $65 million for getting 2 sacks? The trades have been interesting. The Jets trade their leading tackler just because he doesn't see eye to eye with the head coach. Great thinking! I guess if every coach were soft in the head like Mangina, then the Steelers should have dumped Terry Bradshaw early on for not getting along with Chuck Knoll, or Jim Palmer should have been traded early for arguing with Earl Weaver. Might've opened up 4 Hall of Fame slots for others too.

Why are teams intent on trading their best players in their prime, even if they are under contract? Andy McPhailure is trying to move Brian Roberts. They have no one waiting in the minors, and Roberts is one of the top second basemen in baseball. I understand trying to get more bodies to rebuild, but don't you want the guys on the field to at least play at the major league level? Roberts can actually help win a few games too, unless the Orioles prefer to lose 120 games this season without a fight.

Some kid turns up a picture of Roger Clemens actually being at Jose Canseco's party. Yet ANOTHER lie under oath by the oaf. If he were a musician, or artist : he would be in Singh Singh right now. The funnier things are the Mitchell Report, which lacked Red Sox due to the fact Mitchell is part owner of them. Mitchell claims Clemens didn't shoot up until Toronto even though he blew out his arm twice in Boston and came back throwing harder each time. Fastballers are supposed to turn into junk ballers after arm injuries....but junkies don't is the new added rule. Watching two faced idiots Posada and Jeter (again) sell out their team mate, Petitte, for being honest just is a small example of why there are so many Yankee haters.
One last thing about Rocket, though him selling out his wife and just short of calling her loose is a trip, I want us to remember his tongue flipping about like a cobra in a basket on meth.
Like Jon Stewart said, either Clemens was really dehydrated from being nervous over his lies or his lips tasted like delicious BBQ sauce.

People are trying to make a big stink over Brady "Call me Rick Mirer JR." Quinn telling people at a auto show he is preparing so he can win the starter job. Ummmm. duhhhh...wake up! You WANT your back up with that mind set. Matt Cassell needs to have the same thoughts. The # 2 guys job is to prepare as if he is # 1 weekly so he is ready when called. What did they expect to hear? "I'm going to sit on the bench and pout. I will hold my breath until I am called the starter with a finger up my..."

Coach K = 800 wins. About 5 decent NBA players. Over 1,000 players paid very well to attend Duke. Wanna know why the General won't talk to him? Because Coach K does the one thing the General hates and finds unforgivable. Krzyzewski runs a dirty program.

But hey, everyone does now. Even Harvard.

Well, it is time for me to make like a baby and head out.

Back to my corner to grumble over life transpiring in front of me as I prepare another episode of vapid, unhinged observations.

Until they like to say in Ol' Mexico = A.M.F.


Mind of MadMan said...

New classic:
Make like a baby and head out...
or act like a prick and head in?? ;)

Anonymous said...

what a great write up!!

i don't follow b-ball but surely i am aware of AI. i remember the shoot outs on the philly streets here well, with his familia. you're right he is a good bball player, but the other side of him is what i don't dig.

i agree 110% with u about coaches trading players in their prime. it's never made much sense. then u have some that should have lost a few way back & still have em!!

madman, u crack me up ;0

thanks for the solid read 3rd! as always~