Friday, January 23, 2009

Champs and Chumps

Another Old TSN Post From 12/ 2007:

It was an interesting season, to say the least, this year.
Some of it went as expected, some of it didn't.


QB: Tom Brady - All he seemed to do was get 60 points a game.
RB: LaDanlian Tomlinson - Even a Norv and a slow start can't stop him.
RB: Adrian Peterson - The rookie had Chester Taylor owners frustrated.
WR: Randy Moss - Mostly due to him scoring two TD's per game seemingly.
WR: Terrell Owens - Had maybe his best season ever all around.
TE: Chris Cooley - Redskins high scoring TE was consistent.
K: Rod Baronas - kicked like NINE FG's in one game, or something nuts.
DT: Pittsburgh - #1 in YPG, Passing, Scoring. #2 in Rushing = W-O-W!

2nd Team

QB: Brett Farve - Like the Energizer Rabbit = Still going.
RB: Brian Westbrook - the Eagles only Star on offense.
RB: Joseph Addai - A TD a game makes memories of Edge go away.
WR: Reggie Wayne - Picked up the slack when Marvin went down.
WR: Braylon Edwards - Quietly became the third highest scoring WR.
TE: Antonio Gates - Steady and spectacular.
K: Mason Crosby - All the rookie is doing is leading the NFL in scoring.
DT: Tampa Bay - 2nd in scoring, #4 in YPG and Passing.


QB: Steve McNair - Put Air McNair permanently in the hanger. He's done.
RB: Clinton Portis - Gets about 3 YPC. He's about done.
RB: Reggie Bush - Future Hall of Famer looking like a Future bench warmer.
WR: Deon Branch - Big contract, small stats
WR: Lee Evans - Miserable season. Maybe a third option now.
TE: Randy McMichael - One of the top free agent busts this season at TE.
K: Orlindo Mare - missed a lot of kicks. May be done.
DT: Miami - Good pass defense because all everyone did was run wild weekly.


QB: Donovan McNabb - Started injured and stayed that way all season.
RB: Stephen Jackson - Injuries derailed his season.
RB: Thomas Jones - Was a ghost most of the season.
WR: Santana Moss - Dropped almost as many as he caught,
WR: Steve Smith - No QB = No balls thrown his way.
TE: Todd Heap - Injuries destroyed his season.
K: Neil Rackers - Once was Mr. Automatic, now lowest PCT. Kicker in the NFL.
DT: New Orleans - Just plain bad in every facet.

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