Monday, January 26, 2009

Sports Begats Sports

It is kind of wild how a sport can spawn and give birth to other sports. Basketball was originally played in ancient Mexico, but you used your feet and had to kick a smaller ball into a tiny hoop. The captain of the losing team got beheaded for his efforts. Golf spawned minitature golf, and ping pong looks related to tennis.

What's next?

Competetive eating has become a sport, according to ESPN.

We know what's next:

Competitive pooping

He MUST be talking to Drew Rosenhaus about a NIKE deal

ESPN also likes to call Poker a sport.

We know what is on the horizon:

Professional Old Maid

I always thought Arm-Wrestling was cool

BUT, it could spawn into something more.

How about Thumb-Wrestling?

Curling is, in my opinion, peculiar. But it is very popular.

Naturally, it has possibilities in morphing into other sports:

Iceless Curling

Do YOU have any other ideas?

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