Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ANOTHER reason the Pats stand alone in all sports

Another old TSN post from 2007:

Scott Pioli deserves the biggest salary of any front office worker in all of sports for the magical web he has weaved in New England
Just look at the roster. Junior Seau in his 18TH year. Chad Brown is in his 15TH. Two former Pro Bowlers who were dominant at their positions long ago.
Troy Brown and Rodney Harrison are in their 14TH season. Troy doesn't play anymore, but Rodney starts. As does 13 year TE Kyle Brady, and 12 year MLB Teddy Bruschi. Larry Izzo still stars on special teams in his 12TH season, and Mike Vrabel continues to show his versatility in his 11TH. Chad Scott sits on IR for his 11TH year after years of contribution. Randy Moss is in his 10TH as other important Pats hit 10 next year like Roosevelt Colvin, Kevin Faulk. Tom Brady, Adalius Thomas and Sammy Morris are at 8 now.
Sound old? Then look at the rest of the roster! There are a lot of young guys. Young guys learning from the finest pro's in the game.
The young guys who get cut go on to play for other teams.
So, it looks bright in New England, right?
Well, it's going to get even brighter next season!
Do you realize the Patriots own the 49ers 1st round draft pick? The 3-10 49ers?
If the draft were held today, the Patriots would get the 2ND pick!
The Dolphins will most likely draft LSU's Glenn Dorsey, though they need help almost everywhere. So, who does that leave the Pat's to draft?
How about a two time 1st runner up in the Heisman?
Arkansas RB Darren McFadden! Along with Maroney, Faulk, Morris!
Behind the best offensive line in the NFL.
Behind one of the best QB's in the NFL.
With most likely the best receiver corps in the NFL.
A receiver corps so good that free agent pick up Kelly Washington hasn't even run a pass route in a game this season. Neither has the top draft pick in last years draft, Chad Jackson. Troy Brown, one of the greatest Patriots of all time, hasn't either! OLB Mike Vrabel has 2 receptions. Even Guard Logan Mankins has a reception! An amazing 14 Patriots have a reception. Does Brady have time and room for 3 more? Will Billichek even allow them on the field?
Just another astounding part of the Patriots.
The defensive line is so deep, they never missed All Pro Richard Seymour.
The Linebackers rotate to keep fresh and are as deep.
The secondary is doing so well that this years top draft pick, Brandon Merriweather, is getting to learn the right way.

Detractors say the Patriots cheat. The fact is that every team cheats. George Allen used to hire private security for Redskin Park in the 70's to run off Cowboy spies during training camps. Allen claimed to even catch a few in the act. This has been going on since the inception of pro football and is akin to a guy stealing a catchers signs while standing at 2nd base, or the guys in scoreboards with binoculars. The only reason we heard about it is because Mangina snitched because Bill hurt his feelings by not shaking his hand the previous year after a Jets upset win.

The real fact is that the Patriots have built a monster. Sturdier than Frankenstein. Scarier too. This monsters not afraid of fire either.
Next year, more parts get added on in an upgrade to keep things as is.
This monster is a dynasty that equals, and possibly even surpasses, the Steelers on the list of All Time Dynasties. The free agency factor was no issue in the 70's, so it is up to you to determine if that is a plus or minus.

One thing is for certain. As long as the lone weakness isn't exploited (Brady's health), this team is a Super Bowl contender for the rest of the decade.
At the least!

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David Funk said...

Great post, and glad you brought that over from the SN vault.

The Pats aren't going away from being a good team anytime soon.

Nice work.