Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 NFL Draft = Defensive Backs That May Get Picked

Chip Vaughn, SS, 6'1" 227, Wake Forest = Big hitter who shrives in run support. Has trouble in pass coverage and playing with his back to the quarterback. Is a project, but has an intriguing upside. Can help out on special teams while he learns. Will get some consideration on the second day.

Malcolm Jenkins, CB, 6' 204, Ohio State = Likes to crowd the WR at the line of scrimmage and knock them off their routes with very strong hands. Likes to gamble on making the big play, and has good hands. Good tackler, but could get much better. There is a question on what his best position is in the NFL. Some teams think he will be a better FS, a position he has experience in, because he lacks top end speed. He is a first round draft pick.

Sean Smith, CB, 6'4" 215, Utah = Has very quick feet. Long arms who is a former WR. Plays with a chip on his shoulder, and is willing to support the run. Raw prospect with just two years of experience on defense, A project who might help down the line. His upside has him a mid-round type of prospect.

Christopher Owens, CB, 5'10" 181, San Jose State = A three year starter who is mentally tough and durable. Has good speed and quickness. Willing to mix it up, but isn't strong. The type can can contribute as an extra DB in a nickel/ dime package. Will garner some interest late in the draft.

Keenan Lewis, CB, 6' 208, Oregon State = Physical player who excels at pressing on the line of scrimmage. Smart player with long arms who may excel in a zone coverage scheme. Not very fast and does not have good catching ability. Needs to improve his tackling skills. Could get picked from the mid-rounds on.

DeAngelo Smith, CB, 5'11" 194, Cincinnati = Cocky player who throws his body around. Has long arms and soft hands. Has experience at FS. Built for a zone coverage scheme. Can bite on play action due to his being over aggressive. Not a great tackler and needs to get stronger. A second day type of draft prospect.

C.J. Spillman, FS, 6' 197, Marshall = Excellent speed. Fearless hitter with experience on special teams. Very good on pass coverage, and has decent recovery speed. Does not have great catching ability, but can jump high and knock down passes. Needs to improve his tackling ability. Sometimes is too aggressive and loses his assignment responsibilities. A first day draft type.

Morgan Trent, CB, 6'1" 193, Michigan = Has long arms and jumps high. Solid tackler who may work best in a zone cover scheme. Needs to get stronger and add weight. May not get drafted.

Bruce Johnson, CB, 5'9" 170, Miami of Florida = Excellent speed and long arms. Specializes in man to man coverage. Has solid hands and could see time as a return specialist. Very good in special teams. Small man who is not stout in run support or a bump and run CB. Will need work in his zone coverage skills. Could go in the mid-rounds on.

Alphonso Smith, 5'9" 193, Wake Forest = The ACC all time interception king. Has excellent speed, confidence, and quickness. Fearless in run support. Does well in man to man, but may fit a zone scheme better due to his lack of size. Needs to improve his tackling technique. May get a chance to return kicks. A mid-round prospect.

Courtney Greene, SS, 6' 212, Rutgers = Has experience at both safety spots. Loves to hit and has a nasty streak. Very to tends to go for the kill shot over the tackle. Can bite on play action due to being over aggressive. Needs to work on his pass coverage. Will get considered from the middle of the draft on.

Kevin Ellison, SS, 6'1" 227, USC = Older brother Keith plays for Buffalo. Loves to support the run and is a sure tackler. Has innate blitzing skills, and is very strong. Has had knee problems in college, and is not great in pass coverage. Might be the type of SS who comes out on passing downs. Will get consideration from the mid-rounds on.

Vontae Davis, CB, 5'11" 203, Illinois = Younger brother of 49er TE Vern. Is an excellent athlete. Has great speed and is a special teams stud. Loves to support the run, and is a big time hitter. Does not have great hands and has character concerns. Would work best in a zone coverage scheme. Could get drafted in the first round.

Kevin Akins, S, 6'2" 218 Boston College = Good athlete, but really doesn't have a position yet. Will have to make his impact on special teams in order to stick. Most likely a free agent type.

Jahi Word - Daniels, CB, 6' 197, Georgia Tech = Strong and has the ability to cover man to man. Has long arms and deflects many passes. Needs to improve his run support. Does not have great hands. Can play gunner on special teams. A second day prospect in the draft.

Glover Quin, CB, 5'11" 204, New Mexico = Tough player who averaged over 32 yards a kick return as a senior. May be moved to FS in the pros. Not fast or quick, but has good technique and can read a play. Has soft hands, and can go after the ball. If FS isn't his spot, then he may work in the nickel/ dime package. May go in the second day.

Curtis Taylor, FS, 6'2" 209, LSU = Good athlete with long arms. A big hitter who can jump high. Can be faked out on misdirection and play action. Takes bad angles to the ball. Will gets looks on the second day of the draft.

Ryan Palmer, CB, 5'8" 190, Texas = Good speed and can cover man to man well. Tends to always be around the ball, and have above average awareness. Not a strong tackler, but a willing run supporter. Does not have great hands, but does deflect many passes thrown in his direction. Should be a first day selection.

Rashard Johnson, FS, 5'11" 203, Alabama = Former walk on who is very smart. Reads and reacts fast with excellent vision. Rarely is fooled. Not very fast and needs to improve his tackling and run support. Better in the zone than man to man. May get a look on the first day.

Asher Allen, CB, 5'9" 194, Georgia = Fast and strong, but raw. Still learning, but confident enough to forgoe his senior year to turn pro. A diamond in the rough who can help on special teams while he learns his craft. Good tackler, tough, and has the tag "future starter" written all over him. Will probably be gone by the 3rd round.

Donald Washington, CB, 6' 197, Ohio State = Maybe the best CB prospect coming out of Ohio State this year. Excellent athlete who may get a shot as a kick returner. Can shadow most receivers, and does not gamble much. Not good in run support, and can give up too big a cushion to opposing WR's. A mid-round on type of draft pick.

Kevin Barnes, CB, 6' 187, Maryland = Excellent athlete who is still learning his position. A zone cover type of CB who isn't terribly fluid in man to man. Has big hitting ability, but is coming off of a rare shoulder blade injury sustained last year. Very willing special teams player who can help out in Nickel/ Dime packages until he hones his craft. Should go anywhere from the 3rd round on.

Dominique Johnson, CB, 6'1" 197, Jackson State = Has good speed and quickness to go with his long arms. Does not have good hands, and needs to improve his tackling fundamentals. Might be switched to FS. Could be a second day draft choice.

Wopamo Osaisai, CB, 5'10" 197, Stanford = A track star who is a pure burner. Very raw, but willing to learn. Has leadership skills. Lacks good instincts and has much to learn. Will have to stick on special teams, where he excels. May not get drafted.

Brandon Underwood, FS, 6'1" 198, Cincinnati = Has played CB in college too. Will look for contact, and diagnoses plays well. A special teams star in college. Not fast enough to play CB in man to man schemes. Needs to improve his strength and pop when tackling. Can sometimes lose sight of his coverage responsibilities and gamble. He will get looks on the second day of the draft.

DeAndre Wright, DB, 5'11" 198, New Mexico = Might be a FS. Has great hands and vision. Can be faked out on double moves. Willing in run support and tough, but does not have the body to be a big hitter. Tends to try to cut ball carriers too often. Will have to try and latch on as a special teamer after the draft.

Emanuel Cook, FS, 5'9" 197, South Carolina = Willing to throw his body into the fray without hesitation. Big time hitter and a good cover man. Smallish and not very fast. Played in an unusual defense in college, so he will have to prove in camp he can play the NFL scheme. Will get looked at on the second day.

Derek Pegues, DB, 5'10" 199, Mississippi State = Might not have a set position in an NFL secondary yet, but CB is most likely his spot. His punt returning skills will get him a look in camp. Needs to improve his ball security and decision making on returns, but can be explosive. Could be the type who grows into the CB spot after a few years as a PR.

David Bruton, FS, 6'2" 219, Notre Dame = Very athletic. A special teams wizard who works hard and shows good leadership skills. Not a solid cover man, and a erratic tackler. Needs to get stronger and tougher. Should look to help someones special teams unit, and his prowess in this area may warrant a later rounds selection.

Joe Burnett, CB, 5'9" 192, Central Florida = Four year starter who has good hands. Can return kicks, though isn't exceptionally explosive. Quality leadership and character traits. More of a zone coverage guy due to his lack of height and sound tackling abilities. Should get a look in the second day.

Sherrod Martin, FS, 6'1" 198, Troy = Fearless with good speed. Is also good on special teams. Has good recovery ability, but can take bad angles. The question will be if he is a FS or CB. Not very physical, and needs to improve his tackling fundamentals. Might get drafted late in the second day.

Darius Butler, CB, 5'10" 183, Connecticut = Has good man to man coverage skills. Shadows his man well. Leaps high, and shows good ball recognition. Can give up too much of a cushion at times, and must improve his tackling technique. A first day draft selection.

Michael Hamlin, FS, 6'2" 214, Clemson = Willing run supporter who is very smart and a leader. Needs to get stronger and add more weight. Not fast, and has been injury prone in college. May not get drafted.

Jairus Byrd, CB, 5'10" 207, Oregon - Son of former Charger CB Gil. Came out after his junior year. Very sound technique. Can cover well, but might not have the top tier speed to cover man to man versus some. Sound tackler, but not a big time hitter. Will help the right team in the right system. Could be a first day draft pick.

Brandon Hughes, CB, 5'10 182, Oregon State = Four year starter who is durable and good in run support. Does not have blazing speed and has bad hands. Tough player who will look to stick via special teams. May not get drafted.

William Moore, S, 6' 221, Missouri = Excellent athlete who could be special in the NFL. Good speed and quickness. Makes big plays and is an explosive hitter. Sometimes goes for the big hit too often, and can be too much of a gambler to make big plays. Will have a lot to prove after a mediocre senior year that followed a record breaking junior season. Should get tabbed on the second day.

Jerraud Powers, CB, 5'9" 188, Auburn = Capable cover man who provides decent run support. Agile and aggressive, but can gamble and be faked out. Good candidate to be an extra DB on slot receivers. Should gain interest on the drafts second day.

Patrick Chung, SS, 5'11" 212, Oregon = Rare specimen who can play anywhere in the secondary. Big hitter who is quick to the ball and relishes supporting the run. Always around the ball and has excellent instincts. Excellent on special teams as well. Best suited for SS because he doesn't always cover the deep ball well. Should be a first round draft pick.

Captain Munnerlyn, CB, 5'9" 182, South Carolina = Has excellent speed and soft hands. Great recovery speed and a very good hitter. Sometimes bites on double moves and relies too much on his speed over technique. Could be a very good extra DB in Nickel/ Dime packages. Will get looked at on the second day.

Cary Harris, CB, 5'11" 187, USC = Smart player with good instincts. Will support the run and is considered tough, though he has been injury prone in college. A good tackler who will work best in a zone coverage scheme. Is not very fast, so may struggle in man to man. A second day type of choice.

Lardarius Webb, CB, 5'10" 179, Nicholls State = Fast and fearless. Has experience returning kicks, but holds the ball like a loaf of bread. Not a man to man coverage type due to a slow, stiff backpedal. Too small for Safety, but could play in a zone defense. Likes to support the run and hit. Will make a good special teams player. A second day draft pick type.

Ryan Mouton, CB, 5'9" 187, Hawaii = Has experience at WR and KR, Excellent athlete who can jump high and has soft hands. Good at blitzing, so might work as an extra DB. Not a great tackler, but willing. Good with the ball in his hands. Will have to stick as a returner and special teams player. Might get drafted on the second day.

Lendy Holmes, FS, 6' 206, Oklahoma = Former WR and CB. Good in run support and blitzing. Has long arms and soft hands. Good speed. Needs to add more muscle and weight to succeed at the pro level. Possible second day selection.

Otis Wiley, S, 6'1" 213, Michigan State = Agile and versatile athlete. Can play all over the secondary and is a secure tackler. Can return punts. Had an inconsistent career in college, but has the tools. Will get lots of looks on the second day.

Coye Francies, CB, 6' 185, San Jose State = Really improved his stock after stellar performances in the East West Shrine Game and Senior Bowl. Has good speed and is strong. Plays his responsibilities well, and has good vision. A leader who has experience at returning kicks. Has the frame to add more weight. Could be a first day draft pick.

Stephen Hodge, SS, 6' 234, TCU = Non stop hustler who delivers a big hit. Long arms, but must improve his pass coverage responsibilities. Special teams could be his calling in the NFL. May get drafted on the second day.

Marcus McClinton, S, 6' 210, Kentucky = Excellent athlete who is a big hitter. Very good speed and instincts. Good tackler who looks to create turnovers. Can take bad angles too often. Goes for the kill shot too often, instead of ensuring the tackle is made. Has health and character issues. Has the ability to be special, but may not realize his potential. A second day type of pick.

Don Carey, CB, 5'11" 192, Norfolk State = Very physical player with good speed. Reads and reacts well. Doesn't have great hands and is susceptible to pass interference calls. Will have to show in a camp he can play in the NFL. Might not get drafted.

Troy Nolan, FS, 6'1" 207, Arizona State = Always around the football, and a big hitter. Sometimes gambles by being too aggressive, and can take himself out of plays with bad angles. Has the tools to be an NFL player. Will get looks from the mid-round on.

Bradley Fletcher, DB, 6' 197, Iowa = Raw player with a nice upside. Might get a look at FS, but must improver his tackling. Has long arms and soft hands. CB prospect, but may not have the speed to play it full time in the NFL. Is a second day draft type.

Mike Mickens, CB, 6' 184, Cincinnati = Good man to man cover abilities. Quick and has long arms. Likes to support the run and looks to make a big impact. Good hands, a team leader, and plays with a chip on his shoulder. An ascending talent who just needs a few adjustments on his footwork on his backpedal. May be a first day selection.

Louis Delmas, FS, 5'11" 202, Western Michigan = A four year starter in college. Technically sound tackler who is unafraid to help in run support. Can be too aggressive and bite on play action, but has the coverage skills needed to play the position. Is not a very physical player due to his lack of bulk, but has play making abilities. Should get drafted on the first day.

Victor Harris, CB, 5'11" 187, Virginia Tech = "Macho" played all over the Hokies secondary in his career. Good zone defender with exceptional vision. Big hitter and usually a sure tackler. Can be too aggressive and showboat too often. Can jump high and has soft hands. Can return kicks. Not a speed merchant. May be drafted on the first day.

Chris Clemons, FS, 6' 208, Clemson = Smart player who is a sure tackler. Has good speed, but can lose the ball in the air. Doesn't have natural hands. Needs to add more muscle. Might not get drafted.

Darcel McBath, S, 6' 198, Texas Tech = Likes to support the run, so SS may be his spot. Good tackler and has above average hands. Will need to improve his pass coverage technique. Solid in special teams, so will have to stick on a team there at first. May not get drafted.

D.J. Moore, CB, 5'9" 192, Vanderbilt = Strong, quick, and a good leaper. Willing to support the run. Has experience as a WR, so is good with the ball in his hands. Has returned punts, but takes too many unnecessary risks. Obviously isn't tall, but has good athleticism. Could make it as a dime back type. Will get looked at late in the second day.

Nic Harris, SS, 6'2" 234, Oklahoma = Hard hitter who likes to support the run. Has experience at both Safety spots, CB, and MLB. Not very fast, and needs to work on his pass coverage technique. May be best suited as a special teamer. A second day draft pick type.

Jamarca Sanford, 5'10" 214, Mississippi = Durable and strong. A four year started in college. Excellent in run support, but needs to work on his pass coverage ability. May have to stick via special teams. A late draft prospect.


CK0712™ said...

SWEET! seems wake forest has a wealth in this years draft! showin most love for Vaughn!

afrankangle said...

Well done ... especially since you included 3 Cincinnati Bearcats ... oops ... I guess that also means next years UC backs will be quite green.

I would be surprised to see 1 of these Bearcats be converted to safety.