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Offensive Linemen You May Hear Called In The 2009 NFL Draft

Jamie Thomas, G, 6'4" 323, Maryland = A three year starter who is very strong and has a nasty streak. Not very quick, but hustles and is able to get to the next level. Needs to tone up and get leaner. A mid-round prospect.

Michael Oher, OT, 6'5" 309, Mississippi = One of the top players in the draft. Inexperienced at LT, but has a high ceiling. Nimble, athletic, and has long arms. Superior pass blocker. Never quits on a play. Must improve his run blocking. The sky is the limit for this probable first round pick.

Edwin Williams, C, 6'2" 308, Maryland = High effort team leader with excellent character. Strong and good run blocking. Not a great athlete or very fast. Will get a look because he is a 3 year starter who has been All ACC. Look for him to go in the second day.

Andy Levitre, G, 6'3" 305, Oregon State = Played OT in college as well, but is destined to be an NFL Guard. Quick with strong hands. Decent run blocker who started 36 straight games. Must develop more muscle and get stronger. A second day type of prospect.

Roger Allen, G, 6'3" 326, Missouri Western = Gained over 80 lbs in college, and played every game. Durable and strong. A hard worker who excels on run blocking. Not exceptionally athletic, and needs work on pass defense. A project type who might get drafted late. May add depth as he tries to progress.

A.Q. Shipley, C, 6'1" 304, Penn State = Won the Rimington Award last year. Strong and smart player with a nasty streak and leadership characteristics. Has good awareness and solid technique. Can be overpowered by stronger opponents. Needs to get bigger and stronger. A probable first day draft selection.

Herman Johnson, G, 6'7" 364, LSU = A mammoth man who is very good at run blocking. Has good vision and is an aware pass blocker. Good athleticism, but an inconsistent motor. A very raw prospect who will get drafted by someone because of his enormous size and upside.

Eugene Monroe, OT, 6'5" 309, Virginia = Long arms, quick feet, and excellent athleticism are just a few qualities that will make teams draft Monroe in the first round. Can tone up a little more than his present shape, but has the makings of being special. Few weaknesses in his arsenal.

Matt Slauson, G, 6'5" 316, Nebraska = Versatile player who has experience at OT. Hustles non stop and has good strength. Needs to improve his awareness and leverage. A good player to have on the depth chart. A second day type of prospect.

Garrett Reynolds, OT, 6'8" 309, North Carolina = A tough guy who always hustles. Strong and is a good prospect for RT. Not very athletic, and must work on his leverage and technique. Could provide depth for someone. A possible second day selection.

Max Unger, OL, 6'5" 309, Oregon = One of the better prospects, at his position, coming out in the draft. A first team All Pac 10 player for the last two years. Versatile and smart. Played all over the line in college. Not a great run blocker, so there is room for improvement. Best NFL position will be Center, but should be able to add depth at Guard. Should be drafted on the first day.

Andre Smith, OT, 6'4" 332, Alabama = Has been a mess since he was suspended before his final college game. Is a very strong man with excellent quickness. Very smart player who hustles and is durable. Has very good vision. His drive is the question, because he can get sloppy and lazy at times. Does not play with a mean streak, and needs to improve his handwork. Should be a first day draft pick.

Cornelius Lewis, OL, 6'4" 332, Tennessee State = Played OT in college, but may be best suited for Guard, where he has experience. Good run blocker who plays with surliness. Excellent strength and good hand play. Not very quick, but able to get to the next level. Could be drafted on the second day.

Duke Robinson, G, 6'5" 309, Oklahoma = Has experience at OT. Strong with long arms. Has good hand play in pass protection, but is not very quick. Excellent run blocker who plays with a mean streak in him. Should be a first day draft selection.

Andy Kemp, G, 6'5" 313, Wisconsin = Good run blocker who is strong and tough. Does not get run over, but needs to work on his pass blocking. Not very quick. Could add to a teams depth chart. A second day selection type.

William Beatty, OT, 6'6" 307, Connecticut = After 3 years of mediocrity, he came alive his senior year. Has a huge wing span and good speed. The only question is whether he is just realizing his potential, or has consistency issues. Needs more weight in order to play OT. Will be gone on the first day of the draft.

Jason Smith, OT, 6'5" 309, Baylor = Raw prospect still learning his position. Excellent athlete with top notch speed and agility. Has long arms, and has shown significant improvement in the 3 short years he has played LT. Needs to improve his hand play, as well as get stronger. Will have to learn playing out of a three point stance more often in the pros. Has an incredible upside, and has the athleticism to even play Guard. A first round draft selection.

Xavier Fulton, OT, 6'4" 302, Illinois = Very good athlete, but extremely raw. Was a DT his first 3 years in college. Had injury problems in college, and is a project. Some team will try to stash him on a roster or developmental squad and mold him. Needs to get bigger. May get drafted late because of his potential.

Kyle Link, OT, 6'5" 305, McNeese State = Raw prospect who switched from TE to OT after his sophomore year. Has good footwork and has experience as a LS. Needs more weight and strength. A project who may not get drafted.

Brett Helms, C, 6'2" 286, LSU = Tough, scrappy player who is a leader. Very smart and uses great technique. Needs to get stronger and add weight. Will get looked at on the drafts second day.

Tyronne Green, G, 6'2" 309, Auburn = Former DT who is shooting up draft boards. Very athletic but raw. Has good vision, but needs work on his technique. Has the ability to an NFL starter some day. Will get looks from the third round on.

Joel Bell, OT, 6'7" 315, Furman = Has a huge wing span, and is tough and durable. Best suited for RT. Needs to add bulk and work on his technique. Will help someones depth chart as he learns. Should be gone by the mid rounds.

Phil Loadholt, OT, 6'8" 332, Oklahoma = Good run blocker who may make it at RT, or tried as a Guard. Average pass blocker who isn't quick enough to stay at LT in the NFL. Needs to improve his hand play and learn to stay on top of his assignment longer. A second day prospect.

Trevor Canfield, G, 6'5" 309, Cincinnati = Hard working team player who is best in pass protection. Not a powerful run blocker, but is very strong and nasty. Will need to improve his lower leg strength and keep his emotions under control better. Can go anywhere from the third round on.

Lydon Murtha, OT, 6'7" 306, Nebraska = Has good speed and athleticism. A RT in the NFL. Good run blocker who needs to give better effort in all facets of his game until the whistle blows. Has been very injury prone so far. A late round project type of pick.

Jonathan Luigs, C, 6'3" 301, Arkansas = Won the 2007 Rimington Award. Excellent athlete who is very quick. Uses good technique and is very smart. Must add muscle and get stronger. Should be a first day draft selection.

Troy Kropog, OT, 6'5" 309, Tulane = May work best as a Guard in the pros. Good pass protector, but not quick. Has good speed, but needs to improve his run blocking. Works hard, and needs to get stronger. The kind a team can stash in the depth chart and develop. A second day type of pick.

Jose Valdez, OT, 6'4" 315, Arkansas = Versatile and can play a G/T combo. Stromg player who excels in run blocking. Not very quick, and can come up too tall out of his stance. Must work on his leg strength. Should get a shot to add depth somewhere. A late draft type.

Dan Gay, OL, 6'4" 308, Baylor = Has played both Guard and Tackle. Has long arms and has strong hands. Started 34 games in a row in college. Not very fast and bends at the waist too much. May be suited for LG in the pros. A late draft selection type.

Gerald Cadogan, OL, 6'5" 309, Penn State = Played Tackle at college, but will have to be either a Guard or Center in the pros. Good speed with a nasty streak. Relentless worker who will get looked at from the third round on.

Alex Boone, OT, 6'7" 328, Ohio State = Big and strong. Experienced brawling type who doesn't have the flexibility or quickness to play LT. Smart player who will probably play RT for many years in the NFL. Should be gone in the first day.

Kraig Urbik, OL, 6'5" 328, Wisconsin = Best suited to be an NFL Guard, but can play OT. Good at trapping and pulling. Can lose his balance and leverage by playing too tall. Very aware, and recognizes schemes. The type of guy who will add depth, and learn. Could have a long NFL career. Should get looks in the second day.

Brandon Walker, OL, 6'3" 306, Oklahoma = Might get a look at Center in the pros. Sound technique with enough quickness. Strong, but can rely on it too often. Played mostly Guard in college. There is concern about his ability to digest an NFL playbook. Should be a second day selection.

Robert Brewster, OT, 6'4" 325, Ball State = Started all four years in college. Quick and agile, and has a mean streak. Did not have to pass block out of a three point stance due to Ball State's spread offense. Needs to improve his strength and hand speed. Should be drafted on the second day. Might be a better fit at G.

Antoine Caldwell, G, 6'3" 309, Alabama = Durable and smart player also able to play Center. Has great hands and is hard to run over. Not very quick and struggles to get to the next level to block. Will add depth to someones o-line unit. Late rounds type of pick.

Ramon Foster, OL, 6'5" 328, Tennessee = Strong with long arms. Will have to move to Guard in the NFL. Not quick enough for OT, but is a high effort player and leader. Can add to a depth chart due to his experience at OT. May get drafted late in the second day.

Augustus Parrish, OL, 6'4" 302, Kent State = Should play Guard in the pros. Has excellent mobility and long arms. A hard worker who plays with nastiness. Can come up too high in his stance, and needs to work on his technique. Should get looked at on the second day of the draft.

Travis Blight, OL, 6'5" 318, BYU = Excellent strength, and a mauler. Team player with leadership qualities who is not very quick or fast. Has a steel rod in his left leg due to a broken bone in his junior year. Best suited for Guard or Center. May get a look late in the draft.

Seth Olsen, G, 6'5" 306, Iowa = Shooting up the draft board. Versatile, and has started at both Guard and Tackle on both sides. Lack of athleticism translates into him being an NFL Guard. Very strong and technically sould. Could conceivably be drafted on day one.

Eben Bitton, OT, 6'6" 309, Arizona = Has a long wing span, above average technique, and is a leader. Not extremely athletic, and has below average foot speed. Might project as a RT or Guard. Will get a look late on day two of the draft.

Alex Mack, C, 6'4" 311, Cal = May be the top Center in this years draft. Intelligent high energy player who displays leadership. Nimble on the move, but must learn to widen his base and keep his balance. Should be drafted in the first day.

Louis Vasquez, G, 6'5" 333, Texas Tech = Tall with strong legs. Good pass protector, but needs work on his run blocking. Not explosive, and can play too high. Can lose leverage and be over powered by strong DT's. Will need some work, but can add depth as he learns. A second day type of selection.

Robby Felix, C, 6'3" 302, Texas El Paso = Four year started in college. Very strong with good arm length and hand play. Smart player with a nasty streak. Needs to work on his run blocking. Can add depth on some teams depth chart. May get drafted on the second day.

Ron Bruggeman, OL, 6'4" 293, Iowa = Leader type who is strong and technically sound. Did not start until his senior year, and blew out his knee the year before. Not real fast nor agile. Might be best suited as a G/ C in the pros. Should add depth, if he makes it. Late rounds type of pick.

Maurice Miller, OL, 6'3" 327, Mississippi = Will have to play either Guard or Center in the NFL. Very strong, but not agile. Mediocre quickness, but understands his responsibilities and has good vision. Can add to someones depth chart. A late rounds type of draft choice.

Alex Fletcher, C, 6'2" 297, Stanford = Uses good technique and has above average hands. Can play Guard and works very hard. Very quick, but needs to get stronger in the legs. Has the ability to play long in the NFL. Will get looked at from the mid-rounds on.

Jason Walker, OT, 6'6" 318, Florida = Raw athlete with a big upside. Has played both tackle spots, but might have what it takes to be an NFL LT. Long and athletic, he must work on his technique to realize his potential. A second day type of draft pick someone will want to stash in the depth chart and mold.

Andrew Gardner, OT, 6'7" 304, Georgia Tech = Might be best suited for RT. Plays until the whistle blows and has long arms. Not very athletic or quick, so will have to get stronger to play RT. A possible late round selection.

Paul Fanaika, OG, 6'5" 327, Arizona State = Good run blocker with good agility and quickness. Needs to work on his pass blocking. Can get bull rushed too often. May get a look in the second day of the draft.

Jamon Meredith. OT, 6'5" 304, South Carolina = Good length and decent speed. Uses his hands well, but can get lazy and rely on them too much instead of moving his feet. May be able to play either Tackle spot due to his athleticism. Will get a good look on the second day.

Fenuki Tupou, OT, 6'5" 314, Oregon = Quick and strong. Has long arms, does not always use them. Good hand play that enables him to be a very good run blocker. Must improve his awareness on blitzes and footwork. Could get tabbed from the mid-rounds on.

Anthony Parker, G, 6'2" 297, Tennessee = Good run blocker who uses decent technique and leverage. Good trap blocker with average quickness. Has balky knees that can have him lose balance against stronger defenders. Decent pass protector. Will get looks in the drafts second day.

Eric Wood, C, 6'4" 310, Louisville = Strong, smart, and technically sound. Was the team captain in college. Aware of his responsibilities. Needs to improve his run blocking. Not very quick. Might get tabbed in the later rounds.

Juan Garcia, C, 6'2" 307, Washington = Strong, smart, and tough. Injury prone in college, but played through pain. Not very quick or athletic. Team captain in college. Might not get drafted.

Ryan McKee, OL, 6'6" 296, Southern Mississippi = High effort player who was tough enough to play through injury. Still recovering from a surgery on his shoulder. Has good leadership qualities. Will need to add weight and strength to play RT in the pros. Will have to make it as a free agent while he heals.

Greg Isdaner, G, 6'4" 325, West Virginia = Agile, but not fast. Needs to increase his strength and improve his run blocking. Three year starter who came out a year early. Good on pass protection, and has excellent awareness. Still learning, but may get picked on the first day.

Ray Feinga, OL, 6'4" 337, BYU = A four year starter in college who plays with a mean streak. Strong and good in pass protection. May be a RG prospect. Must improve his run blocking and hand work. Not very quick. May get picked from the mid-rounds on.

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