Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 NFL Draft = Kickers And Specialists

Louie Sakoda, K, 5'9" 173, Utah = Only the second player ever to be a finalist for the Groza and Guy Awards in the same year. Though he was a good Punter in college, Placekicker is his likely calling for the pros. Wants to kick with the game on the line. Very consistent from 45 yards and in. Questionable leg strength from 50 on out. Does not kick off deep, so may need a kickoff specialist for him there. A gutsy winner. Will get looks in someones camp after the draft.

Justin Brantley, P, 6'3" 249, Texas A&M = Punted all four years in college, and never averaged below 43 yards per punt. Has good hands and leg strength. Able to hold for place kickers, and athletic enough to make tackles. Kicks a flat ball with little hang time. Inconsistent footwork. Will get a tryout somewhere as a free agent.

David Buehler, K, 6'2" 227, USC = Weight room freak who can out bench many linemen. Has good athleticism, and practiced on offense and defense with the Trojans. Has a strong and accurate leg. A junior college transfer who only kicked two years at USC. Hasn't had to attempt many clutch kicks, so the question of his mental toughness will have to be answered in a pro camp. Will get a look somewhere, and might make a team.

Tim Masthay, P, 6'2" 198, Kentucky = Works hard and is smart. Has good leg strength, but needs to get even stronger. Not very good in his punt placement. Can be susceptible to being blocked. Will have to try to latch on to a team after the draft.

Graham Gano, K, 6' 194, Florida State = Won the Lou Groza Award last year even after missing the first two games of the season due to injury. Handled all kicking duties for the Seminoles with excellence. Good placement punter, but will probably have to make it as a kicker. Accurate from 50 yards in. Not a huge leg, but NFL caliber. Will get a try out with someone after the draft.

Thomas Morstead, P, 6'4" 225, Southern Methodist = Can place kick too. Punts the ball in two steps and has good direction with decent hang time. Is athletic enough to make the tackle. May be used as a kick off specialist too. Will get looked by someone after the draft as both a PK and P.

Sam Swank, 6' 193, Wake Forest = Has experience as a Punter, but will get a look first as a Placekicker in the pros. Has a strong leg and gets good height on his kicks. Will be able to handle kickoff duties as well. A team may take him late in the draft.

Britton Colquitt, P, 6'3" 205, Tennessee = The fourth Colquitt to punt for the Vols, and might be the third to punt in the NFL. Has a strong leg and can handle kickoff duty. Good directional punter, but can out kick his coverage at times. Character issue stemming from DUI arrests that led to his scholarship being taken away. Might not get drafted, but could make a team.

Jose Martinez, K, 5'9" 197, Texas El Paso = Has tremendous leg strength. A willing participant on tackling returners. Needs to get more height on his place kicks and more hang time on his kick offs. Has NFL ability. Will get looked at by a team after the draft.

Matt Fodge, P, 6' 193, Oklahoma State = Won the Ray Guy Award last year. Decent leg strength. Can hold on kicks too. Needs to improve his hang time. Will get looked at by teams late in the draft.

Kevin Huber, P, 6'1" 220, Cincinnati = Lefty who puts a funky rotation on his punts, leading to muffs. Good leg and is decent at directional punts. Very good place holder on kicks. Can line drive punts too often, and has a slow three step delivery that will need to be worked on. Should be in someones camp after the draft.

Sean Griffin, LS, 6'2" 242, Michigan = Accurate with his placement, and makes no mistakes. Won't provide much in tackling on punts because he lacks speed and athleticism. Will get a look in someones camp after the draft.

Jake Ingram, LS, 6'2" 234, Hawaii = Best at snapping the ball to the punter. Gets it off quick, fast, and accurate. Needs to work on his snaps on place kicks, where he is erratic. Not very athletic. Should get a look in a camp after the draft.


CK0712™ said...

buehler & swank!! great breakdowns 3rd!!

afrankangle said...

I've watched Huber punt in person ... normally punts are high ... and long.

Pitt's punter was one of the best I've seen ... since he's not listed, he must be an underclassman.

Well done!