Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles : Rich In Cash And Devoid Of Honor

How can a team retire a jersey, yet not put him in the Ring of Honor?

Ask the Philadelphia Eagles.

The player being disrespected?

Al Wistert

Al is a true legend at the University of Michigan and the Eagles. He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, as are two of his brothers who also played at Michigan. The three Wisert's are amongst only seven players to ever have their numbers retired by Michigan University. In 1943, Al was drafted in the 5th round by the Steagles, a team that combined the rosters of the Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers because of WW2. He was a starter by his second season at Right Tackle. He was named to his first All Pro team in 1944, and would garner this honor until 1947. He played defense too, and intercepted his only pass in 1946. Al was a key member of an excellent Eagles offensive line that opened up holes for Hall of Fame Running Back Steve Van Buren. The Eagles rode this vaunted rushing attack to back to back NFL Championships in 1948 and 1949. Al then would be named to his last All Pro team in 1951. After the 1952 season, he retired.

Al is a member of the NFL 1940's All Decade Team.

The Philadelphia Eagles retired his # 70 jersey, one of only 7 Eagles to have attained this honor.

VERY curiously, Al has not yet been inducted into the Eagles Ring of Honor yet.

Al is 88, and has stated he would like to be inducted into the Eagles Ring of Honor before he dies.

It is disgraceful Jeffrey Lurie has allowed this travesty to continue since he bought the team in 1994. The fact that The Sporting News named him NFL Owner Of The Year in 1995, and Pro Weekly gave him the same honor in 2000, shows that the media has TRULY not paid attention and do not care about the players who paved the past we all enjoy today.

Lee Roy Jordan purportedly was kept out of the Dallas Cowboys Ring Of Honor for years by former Cowboys General Manager Tex Schramm over past contact disputes. When Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989, he had Jordan inducted within a few years.

My point is that the owner calls the shots ultimately. Jerry Jones obviously has respect for tradition and history by his getting Lee Roy Jordan the respect he deserved and an accolade he earned.

Jeffrey Lurie has been called a "do nothing" type of owner. Watching the slothfulness of this ne'er-do-well, in regards to Al Wistert, has been revolting.

So, I am CALLING ALL OF YOU TRUE Eagles and NFL fans!

BLOW UP the Eagles offices number!

Ask for Jeffrey Lurie's office

Leave a message for him or anyone that will listen to you.

LET US GET Al the honor he deserves.

This is a HUGE oversight!

Eagles fans are amongst the most passionate in sports, so I'm hoping you get behind this man.

You can call 215-463-2500


Anonymous said...

Got it! thanks 3rd, i will see what i can make happen on my end! fkin lurie....i'm sorry but what does anyone expect? i'm surprised it got this far & wasn't taken care of when leonard owned the team!

can i take this & pass it around?

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David Funk said...

I completely agree. This is so hypocritical of Lurie to do this. As you know, I follow sports history pretty well especially both levels of football. There's no doubt Wistert is being disrespected here.

Well done my friend!