Monday, September 20, 2010

Albert Haynesworth For Vincent Jackson Trade Appears Likely

Those who have been following the storyline of Albert Haynesworth in 2010 know he has fallen out of favor with the organization and especially head coach Mike Shanahan. The man who was signed to a $115 million contract, including $41 million guaranteed, found himself on the bench in the teams opening game victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

The Redskins second game against the Houston Texans found Haynesworth deactivated. Washington claims a foot injury is the reason, but it appears the defensive tackle has worn out his welcome with a malcontented attitude where he put himself ahead of the team and championship dreams.

Vincent Jackson is a tall, strong, fast wide receiver holding out on the San Diego Chargers for more money after making his first Pro Bowl team last season. The Chargers appear uninterested in fulfilling his wishes, and apparently have placed him on the trading block.

Rumors claim San Diego general manager A.J. Smith was seeking two first-round draft picks, which will most likely not happen.

The Minnesota Vikings would love to acquire Jackson's services to help out their running game and aging quarterback Brett Favre after losing Sidney Rice for much of the year because of injury. It is unknown if Minnesota is willing to mortgage so much for an aging team that is on the cusp of needing rebuilding.

San Diego has lost two key defensive linemen the past two years in Igor Olshansky and Jamal Williams. Olshansky signed a free agent contract with Dallas in 2009, and Williams was an aging three-time Pro Bowler released at the end of 2009. While San Diego got Cam Thomas late in the first round to play nose tackle, most of the rest of the defensive line is a mix of cast-offs and veterans.

Haynesworth would prefer to play in a 4-3 defense, but San Diego runs the 3-4 like the Redskins started to this year. He stated he would prefer playing defensive end over nose tackle, which was something the Redskins did not want to hear. He would represent an upgrade over current starting defensive end Jacques Casaire for the Bolts.

Jackson would immediately become the number-one receiver on Washington. Santana Moss holds that position now, but he is known for his frequent drops and would be best suited as a number-two receiver. With 38-year old Joey Galloway starting over the slow developing Devin Thomas, Jackson's arrival would be a huge boon for the team.

The only question to get this deal worked out in the end would be money. Washington would probably have to eat some more of Haynesworth's contract and pay Jackson as well. Owner Dan Snyder has never been shy about throwing around money to try and improve his team in the past.

With Haynesworth skulking on the sideline yet again, the Redskins do not need him to continue griping to the media as a way to get out of town. Washington should quickly acquiesce his wishes and try to improve the team with Jackson, who appears to want out of San Diego.

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen made a smart move a few months ago to make this move possible without hurting the defense. He shrewdly grabbed Adam Carriker by swapping draft picks with the Saint Louis Rams in the 2010 NFL Draft. Carriker was the Rams first round draft pick in 2007, and was the 13th overall selection.

Carriker missed the 2009 season because of injury, but the 6'6" 296 player has the ability to play nose tackle or defensive end. He has played well so far this year for Washington, showing why he was drafted as highly as he once was.

The Redskins are fielding the oldest team in the NFL this season. It is obvious the message is to win now, something Bruce Allen learned from his Hall of Fame father, and Redskins legend, George Allen.

The Redskins average 28.7 years old on their 2010 roster, while the famous "Over The Hill Gang" roster of 1972 was actually younger by averaging 28.5. The 1972 team, coached by George Allen, made it all the way to Super Bowl VII before losing to the perfect Miami Dolphins.
The best way to win now is to get a locker room together in a single minded mission, something stressed by all winning teams. It is obvious Haynesworth and Jackson would be happier elsewhere, so a swap of the two could bring victory to everyone involved.

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