Sunday, September 12, 2010

NFL Week One Predictions

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay : Cleveland gets one of their few wins of the year. Of course, the Bucs could be saying the same thing.

Miami @ Buffalo : If the Dolphins are going to get respect, they must win these type of games.

Cincinnati @ New England : A playoff game on opening day. If Cincy runs, then it will open the pass. The Pats have a very happy quarterback intent on earning his $72 million.

Indianapolis @ Houston : The Colts were flat in preseason, while the Texans get a lot of love as a team on the rise. I expect these two to split the series this year.

Denver @ Jacksonville : The Broncos seem to start each season fast recently. An opening day win seems probable if Orton can throw well, since there is no running game yet.

Atlanta @ Pittsburgh : A lot was made of the loss of Ben Roethisberger for a month, but the Steelers still had three very capable quarterbacks on their roster. After an injury to one, they have two. How many teams can claim this?

Oakland @ Tennessee : I expect the Raiders to be much better than some expect. They had a very good offseason.

Carolina @ New York Giants : The Jints need this "W" bad to stay pace in the NFC East already. Carolina will struggle against all of their receivers.

Detroit @ Chicago : The Lions are no longer the joke of the NFL, and the Bears learn this Sunday.

Arizona @ Saint Louis : The Cards might be able to win this with even Matt Leinart at quarterback. MAYBE.

Green Bay @ Philadelphia : Maybe 80 passes will be thrown....or more. Shoot out here perhaps.

San Francisco @ Seattle : The Niners defense will be the difference here.

Dallas @ Washington : The best rivalry in the NFL. A flat Dallas against a beat up Redskins. The Cowboys have a history of healing against the Redskins.

Baltimore @ New York Jets (Game of the Week) : Ray Lewis is saying his ex-defensive coordinator, now current Jets head coach, Rex Ryan is trying to cash in a check his mouth can't cover. Baltimore has too many weapons and much too much pride to lose here.

San Diego @ Kansas City : The Chiefs are better, but they just aren't ready to be on the Chargers level yet.

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nutballgazette said...

I like and agree with some of your bold picks, Houston, Oakland, and Detroit,
I do have Atlanta, St Louis, and Tampa