Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washington Redskins Beat Green Bay Packers Despite Donovan McNabb, Bad Officiating, and Poor Play

Donovan McNabb had an early indicator it would be a long Sunday in the Redskins 16-13 overtime victory.

With the Washington Redskins in the red zone on their first possession, after safety LaRon Landry Forced a fumble, McNabb went back in shotgun formation, then proceeded to let the snap sail through his hands and out of scoring range.

He spent most of the day running for his life or throwing the ball well off target. The four times he was on target, Redskins receivers were interfered from catching the ball without a call from the referees.

The officials were even worse than McNabb was. They allowed Packers rookie offensive tackle Brian Baluga to hold often in his first start. Nine total penalties were called in regulation, and there should have been many more.

Washington went another week without much of a running game. Ryan Torain, in his first start, gained 45 yards at just three yards per carry. To make matters worse, both of the Redskins offensive tackles, Jammal Brown and Trent Williams, were hurt in the game.

Green Bay came into the game with their roster severely depleted and left the game in worse shape. They lost their top two tight ends and best pass rusher for the game because of injuries. Though Clay Matthews III should be back next week, the status of Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee are unknown, as is defense end Ryan Pickett with an ankle injury.

Though McNabb tossed for 319 yards in regulation, he threw 20 incompletions in 42 attempts against a secondary missing two starting linebackers and their starting strong safety. The remaining safeties Green Bay had were battling leg injuries, and star cornerback Charles Woodson had a bothersome shoulder.

The fact the Redskins were unable to move the ball against such an injured defense has to worry offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

The first two passes thrown in overtime were completed to Santana Moss, with McNabb having more time in the pocket with Matthews out. The Packers then gambled all out in blitz packages, and snuffed any hopes of the Redskins scoring while forcing a punt.

Washington then got the ball right back after Landry, playing the best safety in the NFL today, picked off a pass at the Packers 39-yard line.

After a pass interference penalty kept the Redskins drive alive, the Redskins offensive line continued to sabotage rushing attempts, and Washington had to throw again. Woodson then committed a pass interference penalty.

After a quarterback sneak that somehow gained six yards, followed by another that gained one more, kicker Graham Gano pushed in a 33-yard field goal for the victory.

It was a victory hard fought against an injured and valiant Packers defense.


Anonymous said...

Huge win for your Skins. Given the Bengals result, I should have gone with a friend to a sports bar to see Packers-Redskins ... but he is a Packer fan.

No matter how it happens, a win is a win ... and in my case, a loss is a loss.

Anonymous said...

By the way, love how you linked Favre and Title. Classic ... and oh how the bloody image fits. Count me in as one who isn't automatically giving the Lombardi Trophy to the Vikings.